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Activities remove the guesswork from your recruitment processes.

Maintain your high standards with Activities

Activities offer customisable forms that set out fixed actions for recruiters to perform. 

Remove any ambiguity and provide the perfect structured framework for success.

Standardise processes and get everyone, new starters to veterans, working in the exact same way.

Activities can transform the way you work

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Taking a job brief

With Activities, you can create perfectly structured forms for taking a job brief, including the ability to make certain questions mandatory.


Call Scripts

With Activities you can now have structured call scripts in place for all of your standard calls, from candidate screening to interview preparation.

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New Starters

With Activities, a new starter in your business has a clearly defined way of doing things and can hit the ground running. From their first day, they have all their call scripts, meeting templates, business development guides, reference checks and everything else they need to succeed.


Reference Checks

Reference checks are vitally important in recruitment. All references should be conducted in a way that is properly structured, legal, compliant and of maximum value to you and to the referee. With Activities you can have one or many reference or background check forms to make taking references a breeze.

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