AI & Recruitment Automation

We believe the future of recruitment is desk-free. We’re building an intelligent system to automate everything from business development to offer. Put the focus back on what recruitment is all about; people.

Automate Candidate Sourcing

JobAdder makes advertising jobs and sourcing candidates simpler and more effective

From candidate sourcing to the final hiring decision, here’s how JobAdder’s innovative technology can automate your most time-consuming processes and increase productivity. Jobadder automates repetitive and time intensive tasks in your candidate search so you can direct your focus to high value activities.
  • Write and post job ads to more than 200 of the world’s leading job boards in a few clicks
  • JobAdder’s matching algorithm surfaces relevant candidates from your existing talent pools which you can reach out to before you advertise
  • With our customised search function, use the ‘find the top 10 candidates like this’ option to surface suitable resumes for a given role
  • Publish job adverts and status updates to popular social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter simultaneously
  • Create customisable applicant screening questions to capture information that’s important to your business
Gain insight and visibility into your talent pipeline so you can plan talent attraction strategies where you foresee talent shortages and can react quickly if you experience unforeseen demand for new employees.

Take back your day by Automating your recruitment workflow

Eliminate low value administrative tasks using JobAdder's smart automation.

The recruitment process has many moving parts and lots of small tasks that need to be completed or managed. JobAdder helps automate these tasks so you can spend less time organising and more time doing.
  • Arrange interviews using our native scheduling feature. Automate follow up emails with reminders and useful information to help your candidates be at their best
  • We’ve partnered with leaders in background checks to help you initiate thousands of searches including police, medical, employment and references from within JobAdder
  • Get contracts signed quickly in real time so you don’t lose great candidates with long or difficult contract processes
  • JobAdder connects seamlessly with your payroll system, so you can automate paying contractors and eliminate double handling between systems.
  • Make timesheet management for contractors simple and accessible with automated follow up to minimise delays and headaches

Deliver better Candidate care using automation

Automation can be used to build stronger candidate relationships

Communicating and following up with candidates is an important but time-consuming task, which often means you don’t do it as well as you’d like to. By leveraging JobAdder’s automation features you can make sure candidates hear back even when you’re busy.
  • Our smart extraction technology automatically populates candidate data from their resume, eliminating the need to manually upload or code candidates
  • Tailor your recruitment workflow to match your hiring process, create email templates and setup auto-response messages avoiding repetitive tasks
  • Video adverts can be recorded from your phone or webcam. They are able to convey deeper information and generate more excitement about the role and your company
  • Give your candidates access to a fully branded mobile portal. They can update their job-seeking status, communication preferences, current job and contact details
  • JobAdder cleverly searches social networks using the candidate or contact’s email address and phone number to populate the record with rich social data. Automatically populate company record fields using only the company URL
  • Automatically receive prompts to create notes after making candidate or clients conversations via phone, email or text.
  • Accurately capture information 20 percent faster using the voice to text feature. Improve the quality of information you record by speaking your thoughts right after a meeting or interview
Gain insight and visibility into your talent pipeline so you can plan talent attraction strategies where you foresee talent shortages and can react quickly if you experience unforeseen demand for new employees.

JobAdder Recruitment Software

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