The future of recruitment is desk-free

AI & recruitment automation handle the administrative tasks so you can focus on the people.

Efficient Candidate Sourcing

JobAdder automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on more meaningful activities.

Find premium candidates with our matching algorithm.

Discover apt resumes with the ‘Find the top 10 candidates like this’ function.

Post ads to 200+ leading job boards with a few clicks.

Publish adverts to job boards and status updates to social media simultaneously.

Gain insight into your talent pipeline so you can respond quickly and effectively

Streamlined Workflow

JobAdder's smart automation eliminates administrative tasks. Less organising means more doing!

Help candidates be their best by scheduling helpful emails and reminders.

Initiate background checks with multiple organisations.

Connect your payroll system to pay contractors seamlessly.

Set reminders for contractors to manage timesheets with less headache.

Stronger Candidate Relationships

JobAdder’s automation features help you deliver better candidate care by making communication and follow-up effortless.

Populate candidate details from their resume. No more manual entries!

Create email templates and auto-response messages.

Build a fuller candidate profile with data gathered from social media networks.

Receive prompts to annotate conversations with candidates.

Recruitment is more productive with AI & Automation.

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