Company overview

"Recruitment doesn't have to be so hard"

This is the premise on which JobAdder was founded in 2007. Since then we have been on a singular quest to simplify the recruitment process. We do this by removing the clicks and the clutter, creating beautiful, easy to use interfaces, providing world class customer support, and otherwise getting out of the way.

JobAdder was built exclusively for the web from the very first line of code we wrote. Web was not an afterthought the way it was for most recruitment systems on the market today. The web and mobile are in our DNA and that is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting your new recruitment system.

The Team

Adelle Tindall Adelle Tindall
Adelle Tindall Graphic Design Intern
Akahsha Edwards Akahsha Edwards
Akahsha Edwards Product Manager
Arun Ravikumar Arun Ravikumar
Arun Ravikumar Bug Catcher
Brett Iredale Brett Iredale
Brett Iredale Chief Simplifier
Brett Mason Brett Mason
Brett Mason CTO
Chris English Chris English
Chris English Customer Delight
Chris Jacques Chris Jacques
Chris Jacques Senior Software Developer
Darren Watts Darren Watts
Darren Watts Go to Guy
Dave Johnson Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Sales Consultant
Ella Lu Ella Lu
Ella Lu Money Lady
Eva Lau Eva Lau
Eva Lau UX/UI Designer
Fraser Cameron Fraser Cameron
Fraser Cameron Sales Consultant - Melbourne
Gabrielle Scro Gabrielle Scro
Gabrielle Scro Assistant Accountant
Grace Orchard Grace Orchard
Grace Orchard Content Writer
Greg Viney Greg Viney
Greg Viney Business Analyst
Helen Gabriel Helen Gabriel
Helen Gabriel Account Manager
Holly Horner Holly Horner
Holly Horner Customer Delight
James Ford James Ford
James Ford Customer Enlightenment
Jeevan K Jeevan K
Jeevan K Senior Software Developer
Jez Louise Jez Louise
Jez Louise Head of Customer Delight
Joel Immich Joel Immich
Joel Immich Project Manager
Julie Mittel Julie Mittel
Julie Mittel Graphic Designer
Leo Dai Leo Dai
Leo Dai Software Developer
Liam Cosgrove Liam Cosgrove
Liam Cosgrove Data Manager
Luis Hinojosa Luis Hinojosa
Luis Hinojosa Software Developer
Lynsey Baird Lynsey Baird
Lynsey Baird Sales Consultant
Mausmi Lata Mausmi Lata
Mausmi Lata Bug Catcher
Meera M Meera M
Meera M Bug Catcher
Paul Molony Paul Molony
Paul Molony Sales Consultant
Peter Hooper Peter Hooper
Peter Hooper NZ Country Manager
Nathan Adams Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams Sales Consultant
Paul Breckon Paul Breckon
Paul Breckon Mobile Developer
Rachel Brown Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Customer Delight
Richard Young Richard Young
Richard Young Senior Software Developer
Rob Brodie Rob Brodie
Rob Brodie Senior Consultant
Ryan Shiba Ryan Shiba
Ryan Shiba Customer Enlightenment
Sam Walker Sam Walker
Sam Walker Customer Delight
Sarah Lee Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee Marketing Evangelist
Sergey Kostin Sergey Kostin
Sergey Kostin Data Wrangler
Sophie Dilger Sophie Dilger
Sophie Dilger Sales Administrator
Stephen Wanke Stephen Wanke
Stephen Wanke CFO / Commercial Mgr
Stuart Read Stuart Read
Stuart Read Digital Head
Tom Dyson Tom Dyson
Tom Dyson Product Manager

A Brief History Of JobAdder

2001 - Founded GuruSearch - an IT Recruitment agency specialising in ERP and Software professionals based in Sydney, Australia.

2003 - Founded - a job board technology company. Developed over 25 international job boards and an end to end white label job board product.

2005 - Closed the recruiting business to focus on growing the technology business.

2007 - Successfully sold NowHiring and launched version 1 of

2013 - Signed 500th customer.

2014 - Opened a US office in Denver, Colorado. Signed 800th customer.

2015 - Opened a UK office in London. Signed 1000th customer. Built world class development and QA team in Sydney.

2016 - Signed 2000th client. Welcomed our 40th Adder.