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JobAdder is a beautiful, easy to use recruitment software for recruitment and staffing agencies and inhouse recruiters.

In 2001, Brett Iredale started a recruitment agency from the spare room in his North Sydney apartment. In 2004, with 13 staff to manage, the company went looking for a recruitment solution to manage the business. It quickly became apparent that there were no easy to use, web based solutions available to recruiters; and so JobAdder was conceived.

In 2007, JobAdder was launched commercially and has grown to become one of the world's leading recruitment software solutions with more than 2,000 clients and over 10,000 daily users in 30 countries. JobAdder revenues grew 40% in 2014/15 and will exceed that again this year.


JobAdder has just over 40 staff and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with staff in the UK, Denver, Colorado, Tasmania and Indonesia.

JobAdder is obsessively focused on 3 things;

  1. Supporting customers to the moon and back. This means real humans, supporting clients in real time, on any medium, anywhere in the globe.
  2. Innovating. Innovation is everything at JobAdder and the whole company is built around driving innovation in every area of the business and our client's businesses.
  3. A positive, healthy, diverse, respect based work environment where all employees can thrive and do amazing work without negative influences. This sounds impossible but at JobAdder we have made this a reality and we work hard every day to ensure this culture thrives.

Visit JobAdder's company page to learn more about our talented team of 'Adders'.

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