"I wanted a web-based solution that was easy on the eye for my consultants and which had good reporting. JobAdder does all that." - Phil Hack, Apex Resource Solutions

The Experience

Ever finished your extensive shortlisting process to then contact your talent pool and find out their details are so extensively out of date that- A) They are now a Florist, not a Chief Executive or B) They aren't looking for work at all. Which creates more manual data entry and you have to spend valuable time inputting their new data, rather than focussing your search for the perfect candidate.

CareerUpdate works to solve these issues, save you time and look after your candidate's data in the process.

From a fully branded portal, send out invitations to your candidates to update their profiles in JobAdder. From here, they can confirm if they are actively seeking or not seeking a new position. If they are, they can update their contact information, employment history, record or upload a video cover letter and skill code themselves. All of which is reflected in the candidate profile in JobAdder.
Privacy is being evaluated world over, with new laws coming into play in the European Union. Part of these laws mean transparency about what information you hold on behalf of a job seeker. Under these new laws you will need to notify candidates and ask their permission to retain their data. CareerUpdate makes this easy.

The benefits are;

  1. You are data privacy compliant
  2. You only ever then work with current and active data
  3. It shows your candidate that you care about both their experience and their privacy

So what's in it for you?

  1. Fresh data
  2. Minimal data entry
  3. Great candidate care
  4. Easy actionable privacy compliance