2015 Recruitment Strategy Planning: 5 Tips to Help You Plan

Brett Iredale
9 Dec
Reading time: 3 minutes
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It’s hard to believe 2014 is coming to close. From mobile recruitment to affordable care act, 2014 was an exciting year for recruiters. Many recruiters are now looking for ways to stay a head on their recruitment strategy. And that starts with a killer plan for 2015.

Glassdoor.com recently posted a blog post that reviewed their 2014 recruitment strategy and the challenges they addressed with their strategy. The post reviewed each of the challenges they faced in 2013, how they planned to address them and reviewed their recruitment dollars moving forward in 2014.

So how do you go about planning your Strategy? Here are some tips:

1) Data, data, data: JobAdder recently released new data driven dashboards that honor data in recruitment. Not only are these numbers important when reporting your bottom line, it’s also powerful in planning for your future strategy. Start by looking at your ROI from job advertisements, which job boards faired better and which you’ll “bookshelf” for 2015. Then look at your team and get insights on their performance. Did one team member find success in recruiting IT positions? Focus them on those efforts.

2) Build your brand: What does your employer brand say to potential job seekers. If you focus on recruiting passive candidates, how are you engaging them while they are inbetween a job search? Take a look at your website. Is it easy to use? Do you want to spend some of your budget updating your website? If so, consider user experience when making this update. These are just a few ways to look at building your brand in 2015. Make a list of each item you want to focus on and scale it out for 2014. Improving small pieces will help in the long run.

3) Ask your team: It’s easy to narrow your recruitment process to your decision makers. Conducting a short survey with your team members will help you narrow down on where your successes lay and where you can save some recruitment dollars. Ask your team what their pain points are, what they would like to see in 2015 and their overall success.

4) Poll your clients: Polling clients is an easy to determine how you can improve your recruitment and business strategy. Ask your clients what their thoughts on your overall candidate submissions were, you success in hiring and overall customer service.

5) Don’t forget mobile: “45% of professionals have applied to a job via a mobile device and an alarming 43% uploaded their resume via a job application” according a recent LinkedIn Mobile Recruiting Survey. If you’re like many staffing agencies looking to amp up your recruitment, mobile is becoming a large consideration. JobAdder’s mobile applications offer a solution for your team members on the go. Look at how you can mobility optimize your career site, how your ATS (like JobAdder) is embracing mobile applications and what systems can help you get there.

How are you preparing for 2015?

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