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5 Must-Have Accessories for Every Digital Nomad

Stuart Read
7 Oct
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Remote working. So hot right now.

As more and more companies adopt cloud-based tools and technology that enable staff to work from anywhere in the world with wifi – that’s exactly what employees want to do.

Whether you’re about to dip your toe in the remote working pond or are a seasoned digital nomad, here’s our list of must-have travel accessories for the savvy globetrotter.


1. Cambridge Brilliance Tech Backpack by Skits

Price: Approx. $254 AUD ($195 USD)

JobAdder Tech Backpack

Is there any way to carry around a laptop more comfortably than in a backpack?

For those of us who don’t want expensive tech gear getting scratched at the bottom of a bag or being stuffed between sweaty gym clothes in a regular backpack, Skits has crafted the perfect solution – the Cambridge Brilliance Backpack.

With fitted compartments for each electronic device – laptops, iPads, cords, chargers, etc. – this tech backpack is slimline, sleek and oh so practical for travel.


2. Travel Wallet by Lorton & Horn

Price: Approx. $47 – $64 (£28 – £38)

JobAdder Travel WalletWith a passion for experimenting with quality leathers, Lorton & Horn combine high-quality leather accessories with modern tech practicality to produce this popular line of travel wallets. Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large, these wallets are designed to house all your travel essentials.

Complete with passport and pen pockets, a velcro strip for headphones or sunglass and sleeves for Kindles, notebooks and iPads (mini or Air), keep this nifty little puppy in your hand luggage en route to the airport and beyond.


3. Wireless N Mini Pocket AP Router by TP-Link

Price: $46

JobAdder Wireless Router

Easy internet access is essential for every traveller with work to do.

TP-Link’s Mini Pocket Router is a travel router that’s compact, easy to use and gives hassle-free access to wifi while working overseas.

Perfect for having multiple devices on the go or if you want to share files with other remote workers, this router allows you to get around having to log in to a new wifi network from every device you and your co-workers are using (avoiding the headache of entering your details, a password and accepting T&C’s every 24 hours as you do in most hotels).

When the battery’s running low, it can be charged up via the USB port of a power bank or your laptop.


4. PlugBug World by Twelve South

Price: Approx. $59 ($44.99 USD)

JobAdder PlugBug

PlugBug World is the best alternative to travelling with a bunch of tangled cords and a random assortment of international adapters. The PlugBug World is a compact charger that allows you to charge multiple Apple products simultaneously (such as MacBook Pros, iPads and iPhones) by converting your MacBook adapter into a dual charger.

It also comes with 5 international snap-on plugs, making it useable in all major countries. Plus, it’s hot red so you won’t lose it at the bottom of a bag.


5. Noise Cancelling Headphones by Sennheiser

Price: $299

JobAdder Headphones

For every remote worker who’s ever been subjected to distracting chatter in a co-working space or struggled to concentrate over the sound of children crying in a busy airport, noise-cancelling headphones need no introduction.

These sleek Noise Cancelling Headphones offer full protection from the outside world with cushy ear padding and can be folded up, making them perfect for travel.

Want people to stop interrupting you? Got the urge to tell someone to shut up?

Just pop these bad boys on – they’re like a digital nomad’s cloak of invisibility.


Image Source: Pexels

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