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7 habits of excellent recruiters

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” — Aristotle.

For recruiters, time is money — so making the most of your day is important. That’s why many good recruiters develop habits and best practices into their routine. Below are a few habits of skilled recruiters you can easily implement into your day to day routine.

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Habit #1: They’re always recruiting

Skilled recruiters know that recruitment never takes a break. Even if you’re not recruiting for a specific position at a certain point of time, being able to spot great candidates or potential clients never takes a break.

Habit #2: For them, “time really is money”

While cumbersome, skilled recruiters will take the time to organize their pipeline, provide updates and streamline their process. Every minute saved is another dollar earned for a recruiter.

Habit #3: They keep in touch with their network

For skilled recruiters, their network is a precious commodity. By maintaining relationships, recruiters are able to stay in front of potential clients and candidates.

Habit #4: They follow up with clients and candidates

Embracing the candidate experience shouldn’t just stop there. Experienced recruiters understand that keeping your client and candidates in the loop will mean a positive experience overall.

Habit #5: They aren’t afraid of teamwork

Recruiting can be a tough industry. While it’s easy to become isolated from your team members, good recruiters share their experiences and learn from their team members.

Habit #6: They don’t get caught up in the latest trends

Good recruiters know where they accel and where they don’t. While good recruiters are open to change, they are able to analyze the trend and see where their successes lie.

Habit #7: They listen

Good recruiters don’t just pretend to listen, actually actively listen and become aware of their clients’ needs. Good recruiters take notes, repeat what they hear back and put what they hear into action.

What are your day-to-day habits that you’ve found the most success in?


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