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8 great tools that are perfect for forgetful people

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Between the apps for increasing productivity, the plugins for reducing inefficiency and every other tool in between that promises to drastically improve your life, it’s no wonder we find it hard to keep track of all the tools we have to keep us on track.

However, a well-chosen group of tools – such as these ones that each contain a shortcut around having to remember something – can be invaluable artillery to have in your toolkit.

Here are 8 great tools, plugins and apps for the time-poor person who’s prone to a bit of forgetfulness.


JobAdder Dashlane
1. Dashlane

Cost: Free

Once you’ve installed this free plugin, you’ll never have to remember a password again. Dashlane encrypts all of your passwords with an indecipherable string of random characters, ensuring they’re protected by the strongest possible security. Dashlane allows you to log in to all devices and websites securely without needing to enter your passwords each time.


JobAdder Fantastical 2

Image Source: Fantastical 2

2. Fantastical 2

Cost: $8.99 for app or $79.99 for Mac

Fantastical 2 is an intuitive calendar app. The design is simple, colour-coded and clean – it was one of the winners of last year’s Apple Design Awards – and its reminder and notification features help keep you on track.

Fantastical 2 integrates with all the major calendar systems and imports events from Facebook, eliminating the need to refer to multiple calendars to know what’s on for the week.

With natural language parsing functionality, populating events into Fantastical 2 is easy as typing a sentence with the details of an event, e.g. ‘Lunch at 1pm next Friday with Harry Potter’ and it will automatically appear in the right time and date in your calendar.


JobAdder Buffer

3. Buffer

Cost: Ranging from free – $399 (Large Teams / Agencies)

When there are competing priorities during the day, making updates to social media is often the thing that’s moved to the back of the queue and slips your mind most easily.

Buffer makes it easy to stay ahead with a social media schedule mapped out for each day of the week, divided up into specific time slots that you can pop social posts into. Each post is pushed out automatically onto whatever social media platform you’ve selected at the designated time.

Once all of your content is populated into Buffer for the week, you don’t have to give it a second thought. Buffer will make it look like you’re posting like a Trojan and never miss a beat – even on weekends.


JobAdder Email Hunter

4. Email Hunter

Cost: Ranging from free – $399 (Enterprise) p/month

Launched a bit over a year ago, Email Hunter scrapes data from the web to produce all publicly available email addresses. It can be used to search for emails on any website or Google Spreadsheet, simply by indicating which columns contain first name, surname and company information.

No need to worry about trying to remember or keep a note of everyone’s email addresses, Email Hunter will track them down for you instead.


JobAdder Awesome Screenshot

5. Awesome Screenshot

Cost: Free or $8.99 p/year for Premium version

For the visual communicator who’s prone to forgetting when they saw what where, Awesome Screenshot is the perfect companion.

Just like its name, Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture, annotate and share (awesome) screenshots with ease. You can build a gallery of snaps that will likely display more information than random notes in different places, and organise them by project. A cool extra: you can blur out parts of any screenshot that you want to stay private.




Cost: Free

Rather than having to remember the details of a meeting room, a conference phone number and a PIN, is an app that allows you to host real-time video conferences simply by sharing a link.

Every link must start with ‘’ and then you can fill in the rest, e.g., and share it with up to 8 people. No number needed, once attendees enter the link into any mobile device they’ll be taken straight to the conversation.


JobAdder I Done This

7. I Done This

Cost: Ranging from $9 (Standard) – $35 (Enterprise) p/user, p/month

I Done This is a smart daily workflow management tool. One of the best features of I Done This is its simple, clean to-do list feature that makes it easy to map out and remember everything on your agenda for the day.

Designed to optimise collaboration, I Done This allows everyone in a team to jot down notes and store them in one sharable place online, rather than relying on memory to know what other team members are up to.
I Done This also generates progress reports for easy status reporting.


JobAdder CCleaner
8. CCleaner

Cost: Free or $29.95 for Premium version

Downloaded over 1.5 billion times onto nearly 25% of all PCs worldwide, CCleaner is a leading PC cleaner and optimisation tool. CCleaner scans your PC and identifies unnecessary items that can be cleared in order to make your PC run faster, such as old apps that haven’t been used in ages that you’ve probably forgotten about.

CCleaner makes automatic updates to your PC as it goes and has lost file recovery features, as well as being completely privacy protected.


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