Less Is More – A Case For SMS

Stuart Read
14 Apr
Reading time: 3 minutes
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If you often find yourself greeted by a bank of unread emails in the morning, you know that receiving just one too many group emails from a business is all it takes to tip you over the edge and make you hit the unsubscribe button. Nowadays, consumers can choose to ignore traditional B2C communications like emails pretty easily if they want to.

However, there is one mode of communication that’s almost never neglected and it’s one that you need to make sure your business isn’t overlooking – SMS.

Did you know that the number of times Australians look at their smartphones every day, collectively, has reached 440 million?

SMS is a really effective way for businesses to reach their customers, especially within the recruitment industry where good candidates and good roles pop up as quickly as they disappear.
And what better way to reach them than via SMS, when on average we check our phones more than 30 times a day? * Here are a few reasons to use this bizarre, codependent relationship to recruit better with SMS.

There’s no time lag time between when an SMS is sent and when it’s received, unlike when people ignore emails for chunks of time during a day or when they’re not in the office. It’s safe to work on the assumption that people will have their phones glued to their hands throughout the day. Being able to guarantee that a candidate will receive a confirmation or reminder about an upcoming job interview without delay is crucial in the recruitment game.

Spam – we all avoid it like the plague. Spam is much less prevalent via SMS than by email. Plus, there are no risks of an SMS getting caught in a spam folder and not reaching the recipient.

Low Effort
It’s not called Short Message Service for nothing! Sending an SMS forces you to keep your message short and sweet, requiring minimal effort. JobAdder has recently integrated with Twilio and Burst SMS (for NZ clients) which allows recruiters to create customised SMS templates that can be used to message candidates in bulk, requiring even less effort from the user once up and running.

High Impact
Statistics reveal that the average open rate of an SMS is almost 100%, an astonishing figure when compared to that of a good email campaign, which is just 20%. Enough said!


*If you or anyone you know has a codependent relationship with their mobile phone, read one brave man’s account of how he overcame the battle with his phone and lived to tell the tale.


Image source: Pexels

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