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Want honest, actionable insights from customers and candidates? Just AskNicely.

No one knows your product better than your customers.

Ok, it’s likely that you and your team know it pretty well too, but it’s impossible for you to have a fresh or brutally honest perspective on the product you invest so much time in every day. And that makes honest customer feedback even more vital.

AskNicely, also known as the world’s most loved Net Promoter Score software, is JobAdder’s latest integration. It’s a customer feedback platform that automatically collects customer insight in real time and helps businesses improve customer experience and also generate referrals from existing customers.



Now, thanks to the integration with JobAdder, you can also use AskNicely to measure job candidate satisfaction, giving you the same real-time measure of your employer brand amongst your potential workforce. Ensure unsuccessful candidates aren’t leaving with a negative view of your company, identify positive candidates who may be an option for different roles or who are likely to refer or recommend friends/colleagues to your company.

AskNicely integrates seamlessly with JobAdder and once it’s up and running, you can select which candidates in your talent pool you’d like to start gathering feedback from and when. Feedback is then automatically collected via AskNicely’s customised surveys.


Once this first-hand feedback is fed into JobAdder, recruiters and hiring managers can analyse and improve their candidate experience, create more targeted messaging for job seekers and better nurture their candidates.

If you’re cynical about surveys here are some statistics that may change your mind – AskNicely users experience an average response rate of 38%, with 1 in 3 experiencing a 50% response rate.

The actionable insights AskNicely allows businesses to tap into from their customers enables them to retain customers, improve satisfaction and grow revenue.


To learn more about how this integration works, email AskNicely at or visit

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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