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Here’s how you (actually) recruit, and here’s how to do it better

Stuart Read
27 Jul
Reading time: 4 minutes
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We’re officially past the halfway mark of 2017, which means now is the perfect time to take stock, review and reassess what your plan of action for the rest of year looks like.


There’s probably a countless number things you could be doing differently to better your day-to-day recruiting habits, but realistically, who has the time to completely overhaul their recruitment strategy?


So, here is a mid-year recap of the most frequently-used features, tools and actions in JobAdder over the past 6 months, based on raw data and click rates. We’ve narrowed down the staples of every user’s recruiting processes so that rather than reinvent the wheel – you can make smart improvements to the way you currently recruit.


Your Favourite Features

#1: Job Application Quick View (9.1 million clicks)

Have you started using the Quick View keyboard shortcuts yet? Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to flick through and select Quick View cards in a flash. More about this tip.

Plus, if you just need a snapshot of a candidate record, click on their photo in your search results (as opposed to the candidate name or title) and you’ll see a Quick View popup window.


#2: Quick Search (7.1 million clicks)

Make sure you know how to find whatever record you’re looking for the fastest way possible by using the expanded Quick Search filter options.

As well as traditional search terms, like a candidate’s name, did you know you can search via a mobile number, position and email address? These Quick Search options are also available from the mobile app! More about this tip.


#3: Resume Downloaded feature (2.6 million clicks)

Unsurprisingly, recruiters and hiring managers spend a lot of time downloading resumes.

Have you noticed the new ‘Resume Updated’ column in the Candidates Grid? Always keep an eye on it to ensure you download the most up to date version of a candidate’s resume. In larger terms, this feature also gives you an indication of which candidates are active in the job market. More about this tip.


Your Most Frequent Actions (So Far This Year)

#1: Emails (1.3 million sent)

Do you have more than one office or brand? If so, you need to take advantage of our dynamic email signatures. By setting up just one master email signature – the key information is taken from your user profile – this signature is applied to all of your JobAdder email templates.

Equally, for small businesses, having one clean signature that is consistent across the board adds a professional edge to you and your consultants’ outbound emails.

It’s also completely customisable, meaning staff in different office locations will automatically have a tailored version of the signature, such as local address details and regional social media profiles. More info on this tip.


#2: Notes (1 million created)

Are you using @mentions when your notes involve other colleagues? Simply use the ‘@’ symbol to tag your colleague/s in any record or note in JobAdder to give them a virtual shout-out. They’ll get an instant email notification containing a link to the note they need to review. More info on this tip.


#3: SMS (300K sent)

Did you know that the average open rate of emails is 22% while that of SMS is 98%? If you haven’t already, now is the time to diversify and optimise your communications with SMS.

We are integrated with SMS provider Burst SMS, which allows users to send and receive SMS from within JobAdder and save frequently-used message templates in order to send SMS in bulk. More info on this tip.


Your Top Reports

If you’ve been slack on reporting, or aren’t sure which reports you should be using, here are the most popular reports that your fellow recruiters and hiring managers use to keep track of their activities:

  1. Candidate Notes Report
  2. Placement Summaries Report
  3. Job Ad Activity Report


Armed with these insights, you now have all the information you need to make small – yet significant – improvements to your recruiting strategy for the rest of the year. Go forth and recruit smarter!

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