Full-Time Adder, Part-Time Digital Nomad

Stuart Read
25 May
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Being a digital nomad isn’t all about travelling to experience new sights and sounds. It’s also a handy title to have on standby when you have family around the world to visit.

This week’s work location: Kuala Lumpur
Last week: Hong Kong
Next week: Singapore

With JobAdder being completely cloud-based, along with a handful of other online applications that I use daily – the ability to be location independent allows me to maintain an online and offline connection with family and friends living abroad. It’s also a relief knowing that I no longer have to apply for unnecessary annual leave each time I decide to visit my loved ones. Everyone works during the day anyway so it’s a smart call to also be working instead of slothing my day away waiting for theirs to be over.

Modern technology has made it way too easy to work from any location of your choice but the bigger factor depends on if you’re going to be allowed to do so. If you are your own business owner then great, but otherwise it can be a bit of a challenge to do both simultaneously. For job seekers looking for this opportunity, remember to look for an employer who includes this option in their work culture.

Lucky for us here, apart from focusing on new developments and all things JobAdder, our CEO is a strong supporter of our professional goals and encourages us to work from wherever we want to as long as yup, you got it – we perform equally as well.

The only downside to working remotely for me is: FoMO.

If you have had the chance to visit our office in Sydney, you’ll know why. Everyday is a good day with the JobAdder team.

I love everything about rocking up to work every single day. The positive vibe, smiles and upbeat greetings from everyone. Impromptu team lunches, random games and more. Oh, not forgetting to mention that I also miss the bond I have with my personal desk, iMac and ergonomic chair. But hey, what is life if you don’t spice it up a tad?

I’ll be home soon, Sydney. As always.

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