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The Best of the 2017 Sourcing Summit Australia

Stuart Read
22 Jun
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Every recruiter’s main advantage is being able to continually source and secure the best talent.

Last week the 2017 Australian Sourcing Summit event, dedicated to “Pushing Talent Sourcing Frontiers,” was a creative hub of the best and newest sourcing strategies and ideas.

In case you missed out, here are the highlights from the #SOSUAU event:

Why Facebook Is In A League Of Its Own

Shane McCusker from Intelligence Software explored the key reasons why recruiters and hiring managers should be very excited about Facebook as a sourcing tool. For one, it allows you to engage with over a billion people for free.

As a platform with many more users – and active ones – than LinkedIn, Facebook gives sourcers the competitive advantage of being able to tap into talent that others recruiters can’t find.

Once you’ve built a shortlist of promising candidates, the interests listed on each candidate’s Facebook profile can help you evaluate whether they will be the right cultural fit.

Go Where The Talent Is

As well as typical candidate searches, Shane pointed out that Facebook groups, pages and events are a goldmine of talent. For example, if you are looking for a PHP Developer, look at PHP groups on Facebook.

Try New Sourcing Techniques

Troy Hammond from Talent Army emphasised the importance of using unexpected avenues to find talent and the need to try something new every day. These include:

  1. Search blog post authors on such sites as Medium to find thought leading talent and candidates who are active participants in the industry you’re recruiting in.
  2. By the same token, attend meetup groups to find top talent with a voice and who are open to networking opportunities.
  3. Use Facebook Live to tell people about jobs you are recruiting for.
  4. Use Slack. As an example, often big tech conferences have a Slack channel where each attendee introduces themselves – this is a great way to pinpoint talent.
  5. Let candidates come to you. One way to find excellent Customer Support talent is to sign up for SaaS trials and then review which Support representatives give you the best support and guidance.
  6. Create your own personal brand that is attractive to job seekers by blogging about something meaningful and relevant to your industry. This is one way to raise your own profile and make candidates approach you first in their job search.

Sourcing Vs Recruitment

Jo James from Xero talked about the importance of differentiating between sourcing and recruitment. Sourcing is about finding the right talent who meet the long-term vision and goals of your company. On the other hand, recruitment is about being tactical and solving immediate staffing problems. To be successful, companies must do both.

More Than Just A Job Title

Jo also pointed out that recruiters need to understand that these days, people are not looking for a job title only, but for a meaningful, long-term career. Candidates are invested in knowing how a new role or company they will work for benefits society and will be able to contribute to their growth and development – personally and professionally.


To finish off the day, JobAdder welcomed all attendees back to the JobAdder office for some well-earned drinks and buzzworthy chat about ideas that came out of the day. Here’s looking forward to the next great sourcing event!

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