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Boost Your Professional Profile with JobAdder Certifications!

We’ve introduced a brand new feature that’s going to seriously upgrade your professional profile!

JobAdder’s online training courses are already popular with both new and more experienced users as a way to develop and improve recruiting skills. Plus, they’re free – what’s not to love.

Now, we’ve upped the ante by introducing certifications for each course.

Ranging from ‘Advanced Reporting’ to ‘Social Recruiting,’ each time you complete a training course you’ll receive a bonafide online certification as proof of your acquisition of a new set of skills. These certificates can be published on your LinkedIn profile where they’ll be viewed by your contacts, clients and potential employers.

Training courses are housed right within JobAdder and can be accessed via the ‘Help’ button, by clicking through to ‘Online Training Courses.’ All courses are available within Adderversity, JobAdder’s online training hub.

JobAdder Help Button
How to access JobAdder’s online training courses

JobAdder’s Learning and Development Manager Ryan Shiba sums up, “As a recruitment professional, your online presence reflects both your experience and expertise. Earning certifications across JobAdder will help you stand out to candidates, clients and colleagues.”

Standing out from the crowd is important and more challenging than ever in today’s competitive workforce.

These credentials give JobAdder users the chance to be noticed and to distinguish themselves from the competition. One user shared, “The courses have helped very much, especially for streamlining processes and knowing how to do things in one click rather than two… They give clarity on how to set yourself up to have optimal use out of JobAdder.”

Not only do these certifications enhance your value as an employee, they also give you a chance to show people in your network that you have a good balance of both training and practical experience.

When asked about Adderversity, another user offered that they discovered areas that “help with efficiency and personalisation for our processes and brand.”

Jump online now and see which courses you could benefit from a refresher (and a certificate) in!


Image Source: Pexels

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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