Bree is heading to India – please wish her well.

Brett Iredale
4 Aug
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Anyone who has interacted with our amazing Customer Support team in the last 6 years will have had the pleasure of speaking with Bree Cowell.

Bree was one of our first Support Consultants and has forever raised the bar for the way in which we support our customers.  Bree also became our first remote employee when she moved to Bali and continued to support customers from there.  Many customers still don’t even realise she has been sitting in a hut surrounded by monkeys the whole time.  Bree’s commitment and dedication to making remote working a success has led to a company wide remote working policy and has allowed dozens of Adders to work from some of the most amazing places in the world.

Bree is an avid yogi and advocate for women in need and has decided to devote her life to helping others.  Her first step on this journey is heading to India to work with impoverished women and children.

Bree finishes up at JobAdder today so if you have worked with Bree please wish her well, either via comment on this blog or by email to

Bree is also fundraising to make this trip possible and is just a fraction short of hitting the amount she needs.  If you can help Bree out with a donation it would mean the world to her:

We love you Bree and wish you every success with your journey.

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