Cloud vs Fog

Stuart Read
5 May
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Did you know that fog is really a type of cloud?

While both are dense masses of watery substance suspended somewhere in the atmosphere, one’s also a life-enhancing data storage space and the other obscures our vision and makes us late to work.  Proper use of the cloud can underlie success for many recruitment businesses, while others can get caught up in a fog of inefficient systems and technologies and get left behind.

Speaking of clouds, JobAdder CEO Brett Iredale ventured to the Land of the Long White Cloud last week to give a presentation on just this subject matter at the 2016 Recruiters’ Hub Conference.

The title of the presentation was ‘With Tech, Less Is More,’ focusing on the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to tech in order for recruitment business to excel.
An avid advocate for streamlining workplace processes and devices (and recently, an anti-mobile phone activist) there’s no better person to speak about cutting through the clutter of non-useful technology than Brett. After all, he single-handedly led the crusade to rid our office of “dumb stuff” – fax machines and printers be gone, sayonara scanners!

During the presentation, Brett shared his observation of four key ways that recruitment agencies tackle common challenges, such as attracting awesome talent, managing growing pains and standing out from the crowd. These solutions include:

  • Setting up cloud-based systems
  • Implementing great technologies
  • Creating flexible work environments
  • Promoting work / life balance

The one thing each of these solutions have in common? You guessed it – cloud-computing technology.

The presentation also examined insight from three recruitment industry experts who run businesses that strike a great balance between all four elements: Rachel Sparkes of Daemax Consulting, Bart Wolkowski from Redwolf Rosch and the Onset Group’s Aaron Williams.

Rachel revealed how using the cloud has allowed her to set up and scale her own business. Rachel’s work environment has been transformed from one physical place with desks to anywhere in the world she can bring laptop, “everything that I do is enabled through cloud.”

All three insiders echoed the importance of creating a flexible work environment that is accommodating to employees, one that allows them to achieve a good work / life balance.

Bart pointed out that the recruitment industry is changing as a whole and in response to this change, their company has “adopted a very flexible and agile approach to [their] work.” For Redwolf Rosch, this meant that they were recently able to hire a new staff member who is based interstate.

For Aaron’s employees at the Onset Group, it means enabling team members to be productive at whatever time of day they do their best work. Aaron points out, “some of our team do their absolute best candidate calls between 7 and 9 at night.”

As for us, JobAdder software is entirely cloud-based and we have a long history of loving that we operate with our head in the cloud. Some of the benefits we enjoy as a result are complete mobility and no installation or maintenance fees associated with clunky, physical hardware. Some core web-based systems we use that help put us ahead are Jostle, JIRA, HelloSign, Xero and ZenDesk.

By all accounts, in an environment that’s saturated with choice, cloud-based technology is the best way to navigate your business through the fog.


If you didn’t get a chance to see Brett present at the #RHUBNZ Conference and would like to view the presentation slides, please contact Lottie at to request a copy.


Image Source: Pexels

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