The Drill Down – Make the Most of Your Candidate Database!

Stuart Read
6 Sep
Reading time: 2 minutes
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Hola Adders!

Kellen here, with some quick tips on making the most of your candidate database. Everyone knows you can find great applicants with attractive job ads, but sometimes the best candidate is already in your back pocket. Or database. Or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Taking advantage of your candidate database allows you to bypass the job ad ‘post and wait’ process and start finding clients right away. Check out 3 quick tips below for optimizing your internal sourcing;


Skill Coding

Skill coding will allow you to tag your candidates with industry specific skills and qualifications that you can later narrow your search by. Your specific skills can be customized under the Categories section of Admin, and then tagged against your candidate within their record:



You can then search by these skills from your Search Candidates page:



Internal Rating

Okay, now you have your list of candidates with a specific skill set. But how good are the skills they posses? Only one way to find out – check out their Internal Rating. The Internal rating can be set against the candidate record and can help distinguish between candidates with the same skill set. Cause lets be honest – they aren’t all that great.   



Now, filter by your desired rating in Search Candidates:



Using Folders

Now you have a list of all your qualified candidates. Odds are the next time you are needing to source a similar skillset, you’re not going to want to conduct the same search (time is money, people!).

That’s where folders have you covered. Just pop the candidates into a folder, title it with a description of the skill set, and next time you need a group of awesome people just open the folder and add them to the job!


Boom! You’re now an internal database sourcing wizard.


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