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E-Lectrify New Hires

Time is money. We hear it all the time, and in no business is this more true than in recruitment. One way you can reduce time to productivity for new recruiters, is to decrease the time to fluency with your company’s recruitment management software.

At JobAdder, our online training hub (aptly named Adderversity), will help your newbies master JobAdder in a simple, self-paced, online format. Since our courses are always open, your recruiters have access to the information they need straightaway.

Adderversity Courses are not just for beginners!

But what good is information without context and practice? Glad you asked. Courses in Adderversity are coupled with video and linked job aids that not only guide learning, but walk users step-by-step as they work on their own. This integrated approach helps to reduce your recruiter’s initial learning curve and ensures what they learn transfers to the next task.

Step-by-step ooh baby!

Adderversity can be accessed by clicking the “Online Training Courses” link in the Support and Training section of the help menu in JobAdder.

E-Lectrify your new hires like never before. Don’t hesitate, time is money.


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Ryan Shiba

Ryan Shiba

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