JobAdder etz Product Integration Showcase

Product Integration Showcase: etz Technologies

Stuart Read
30 Sep
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If you find yourself being slowed down manually processing timesheets and invoices, then you need to know about our integration with the etz Technologies platform.

etz Technologies specialise in making managing back end processes easy for recruiters, without them having to touch a single piece of paper or even make a single calculation!

Find out more about this recruitment solution in our latest Product Integration Showcase.




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Product Integration Showcase | Spotlight on Timesheets & Invoicing

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The Integration
With over 400 clients around the world, etz Technologies is a global online timesheet and invoicing solution.
The cloud-based platform streamlines back office processes for recruiters.

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The Problem
As any recruiter knows, chasing employees to complete timesheets can be a painful and time-consuming process. As can processing invoices.
Plus, when timesheets and invoices are done manually, there’s a much greater risk of mistakes being made as a result of human error.
From a candidate or employee perspective, it’s easy to forget to fill out timesheets each week. It’s often a task that’s done last minute at the end of a long day, and if it’s not easy to complete (say on the way home from work on an iPhone) then it won’t be done at all.

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The Solution
etz Technologies is a customised solution for recruitment businesses.
With leading tech offerings such as timesheet management, invoicing tools and customised reporting, recruiters can manage back office processes without having to touch a single piece of paper or make one single calculation.

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The Solution
Say goodbye to lost timesheets!
Candidate information flows easily from JobAdder into etz, so that timesheets are automatically populated with all correct information. Once a timesheet is submitted into etz, it takes just 60 seconds for an invoice to be generated.
Like JobAdder, etz is a cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere, allowing candidates to complete timesheets remotely. It also has reminder notifications to prompt candidates who are late to submit timesheets.
Ultimately, the JobAdder and etz integration allows recruitment teams to operate more efficiently and focus on their core competencies.

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The Verdict
Colin from Future Prospects shared his experience of the JobAdder and etz integration…

Of how his business uses the integration, Senior Consultant Colin explains
“All of our temps and contractors are processed using JobAdder, etz and Xero. This accounts for 50-60% of our business… As well as the efficiency gained through the integration, the use of JobAdder/etz/Xero has promoted our two brands as using good, easy-to-use online tools.”
When asked how this integration helps save time, Colin shared, “Our accounting/payroll/admin person has reduced her workload by a full day and now only works 4 days (which is her preference).”

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Find out more information about this integration at the JobAdder Marketplace.

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