Get Pumped About @Mentions!

Stuart Read
6 Dec
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As our friends who receive the JobAdder monthly newsletter will know, we’ve recently introduced the highly anticipated new feature @Mentions to JobAdder and it’s turning team collaboration on it’s head.

The feature has only been live for a short time and already it’s had huge uptake, and it’s easy to see why.

@Mentions allows recruiters and HR managers to collaborate faster and better than ever before.
JobAdder users can now mention other users on any record in JobAdder simply by typing their name after the ‘@’ symbol.
Once mentioned, a person is notified straight away and can easily jump to the exact record on which they’re mentioned.

While juggling placements and liaising with different candidates and clients, this new feature makes it easy for the busy recruiter to navigate right to where they’re needed.

@Mentions can be used to:

  • Mention an approver on a candidate record note to have a placement approved
  • Recommend a candidate to a colleague
  • Notify an Accounts Rep that an invoice is ready to be paid
  • Let an Office Admin Rep know that onboarding documentation needs to be prepared for a new employee

There’s no excuse for your message to be overlooked, @Mentions makes sure your message is always heard!

And the best part?
@Mentions is set up, ready to roll and completely free – Straight Outta JobAdder.



Image Source: Pexels

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