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Tapping Into Gumtree’s Unique Talent Market

Stuart Read
25 May
Reading time: 2 minutes
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In the few short months since the beginning of the year, there’s already been a 22% increase in the number of people using social media.

Facebook takes out the top gong being ranked as the best social platform to reach Millennials and Gen X – meaning that people’s appetite for social media isn’t slowing down any time soon!

As a result, social recruiting is becoming more and more popular. There’s no denying that recruiting via social media allows the recruiter to tap into this big audience of passive candidates, but by no means does that replace the importance of job boards. Job boards remain the number one destination for job seekers looking for new roles and for recruiters looking to find the best and most diverse talent.

Social recruiting and job boards co-exist harmoniously, but the ideal job board is one that naturally attracts a contingent of passive candidates.

One job board that fits this niche is Gumtree, Australia’s leading community marketplace, which JobAdder is integrated with.

While Gumtree is well known as a marketplace for buyers and sellers, Gumtree’s job board specialises in recruitment for admin, trade, services, retail and hospitality industry talent.

With an audience of over 7 million people, it makes sense that Gumtree convert their organic website traffic into a talent marketplace where people can go to find the right hands-on job.

With a firm foothold in the market, Gumtree recently issued a new User Guide to Gumtree Jobs.

The benefits of having a Gumtree Jobs Professional Account – as highlighted in the Guide – are:

  • RMS integration
  • Fully integrated ATS – allowing you to direct job seekers to your application page via an ‘Apply now’ button
  • ‘About This Recruiter’ section
  • ‘My Business’ page
  • Account Management – a dedicated Account Manager in the Business Support team
  • Monthly invoicing


JobAdder Gumtree Post

JobAdder Gumtree Post


For more information on Gumtree Jobs or to set up a Professional Account, email

To find out more about jobs on Gumtree and how you can tap into their unique talent market, visit JobAdder’s Gumtree job board information page.

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