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How job growth is booming across the globe in a tight talent market

Sarah Linney
12 Aug
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Exclusive insights from our latest JobAdder quarterly reports reveal that job growth is booming in several key regions, despite the tight talent market that is challenging recruiters and talent acquisition professionals alike.  

These candidates shortages or tight talent markets are well documented, we saw the data for it in our Q1 report, so it’s no surprise that days to place are rising across the board as recruiters and HR struggle to source talent. 

However, there is some light on the horizon, with data from our Q2 reports demonstrating upward trends across Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the US and Canada for new jobs.

For example, in Australia in Q2 2020, our agency users were creating an average of 25.14 jobs in Q2 2020. In Q2 of this year, those same users were creating an impressive 55.88 average jobs. 

The UK saw a big increase as well, moving from 12.74 average jobs in Q2 last year for our agency users to 48.14 average jobs this year.

For our corporate users, Australian JobAdder accounts were posting an average of 42.39 jobs each in Q2 2021, an increase from 39.28 average jobs in Q1 2021.

Our ANZ Corporate Sales Manager, Dave Johnson, states that these trends are very promising. “After the initial slump in new jobs and hiring activity in Q2 2020, we have seen a continued rise in the number of job vacancies and hires being made. Corresponding with this is the drop in qualified applicants applying for jobs.”

Rob Brodie, one of our UK-based consultants, says that the UK market has seen similar trends. “Lots of top talent have decided against moving roles during COVID-19 and now we’re getting back to some sort of normality, we’re seeing a candidate short market in the UK. This means it is crucial that candidate engagement and rich talent pools are at the forefront of recruiters’ minds.”

Whether you’re working in talent acquisition or in a recruitment agency, understanding the market and leveraging data-driven tactics and tools is crucial. 

Our JobAdder quarterly reports share key insights, aggregated and anonymised from the JobAdder platform, to inform the recruitment and HR sector. 

For recruiters, our JobAdder Global Recruitment and Staffing Industry Report: Q2 2021 provides key data points and insights from our agency users across the globe. 

For HR and talent acquisition professionals, our JobAdder Global Talent Acquisition Report: Q2 2021 breaks down the global findings from our corporate users. 

Download the report that best fits your needs and please let us know if you have any questions, our friendly team is happy to chat!

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