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How recruitment and talent acquisition tech evolved at JobAdder in 2021

Nahid Haque
22 Dec
Reading time: 5 minutes
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The recruitment and talent acquisition tech space saw some significant shifts in 2021 as new features and tools hit the market and streamlined systems.

Here at JobAdder, we honed in on a few key product areas and crucial partnerships that would improve and enhance our users’ experience, focusing on new and better ways to source candidates, streamlining candidate screening, more smart automation than ever before and rethinking payroll processes.

Check out the tech tools below to discover how recruitment and talent acquisition evolved in 2021. 

New and better ways to source candidates

With The Great Resignation looming over our heads in 2021 (and into 2022), it’s never been more important to source quality candidates. 

If you haven’t heard already, we launched our most requested partner integration, LinkedIn Recruiter! With this integration, you can save 3+ hours a week in switching between systems, improve collaboration between team members and provide a better candidate experience. 

We also welcomed new integrations to our partner marketplace to boost your candidate sourcing. Check them out here!

Streamlining candidate screening

After you source candidates, how can you screen them for quality at scale? How can you ensure the candidates you’ve worked so hard to find have the right skills for your open jobs? 

To help, why not check out our integration partner Curious Thing? Go beyond the resume to discover a candidate’s potential for retraining and upskilling with Curious Thing’s bespoke behavioural assessments. 

Alternatively, you can check out Criteria, so you can make better talent decisions using a scientifically validated assessment suite, or Vervoe which helps employers unlock the job-ready skills of candidates and make great hires through engaging skills assessments. 

We also welcomed tools like Odro, which provides video interviewing, shortlisting, sales messaging and content creation tools in one complete end-to-end solution to help you manage the digital hiring process, and Vxt, the platform that takes care of phone call notes to free up your time with powerful recording and transcription technology. 

For background and criminal checks, we also added AIS International, which offers a range of in-depth, international background screening services, designed to give you the same peace of mind, no matter where your business and hiring takes you.

More smart automation than ever before

At JobAdder, we aim to enhance your day-to-day recruitment so you can spend more time with people, not processes. We’ve made JobAdder smarter for you, to ensure you get the face time with clients and candidates that makes your business tick. 

Have you tried using our Interviews and tasks feature? It keeps you on top of everything, all the time, helping you more the more you use it. You’ll no longer need to switch between records and grids to perform key actions, as they can now be done from this single location. 

For our temp agency customers, we tried to find a way to speed up your job and placement creation process. With Rates Calculator, not only can you do that but you can also understand the impact on margins when you apply different pay rates and calculate your margin on the job, wherever you’re working. 

We didn’t stop there. For all our agency hustlers, who want to supercharge their business development we launched the Opportunity Pipeline. With this latest addition, you can capture, manage and oversee all your business development activity without leaving JobAdder. It’s been a big hit thanks to great feedback from our customers! 

To further your smart automation, we’ve welcomed some new partners in this space too. AiRecruiter uses chatbots with conversational AI to supercharge staffing and recruitment businesses. It helps you automate conversations with candidates and clients to find more growth opportunities. 

Additionally, Roi-AI made a big splash in our marketplace! It’s a fully integrated automation and multi-channel communication tool that enables recruitment agencies to generate more revenue. 

Rethinking HR and payroll processes

The recruitment life cycle wouldn’t be complete without addressing onboarding, HR and payroll processes, right? It’s crucial that your candidates are having the best experience throughout their journey. 

We’ve partnered with some award-winning tools to help you take care of your candidates:

  • Astute Payroll: Purpose built for the recruitment industry, Astute Payroll’s unique workflow tools improve cash flow, probity and reliability and seamlessly integrate the front and back end of any recruitment business.
  • Deel: Deel is the first payroll platform for remote teams that connects localised compliance and payments in one system of record and automates everything (launching in 2022).
  • Simon: Simon is an experience mapping platform that provides simply beautiful employee experiences. With Simon, you can create engaging content and interactions for every step in your employee journey.
  • StaffUpApp: StaffUpApp makes it easy to engage with candidates where they’re actually looking, and matches the seamless user experience they expect. Candidates never have to leave the app to complete onboarding documents, submit timesheets, quickly apply to jobs, send referrals and much more.
  • Expedo: Cost-effective, easily adopted and available as a white label solution to make your own, Expedo is an innovative HCM platform which provides one consistent user experience globally to ensure your workforce meets in-country employment and payroll compliance.

More to come in 2022

At JobAdder, it’s our mission to make talent acquisition and recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone. We listen to our customer feedback and you can guarantee that we’ll work even harder in 2022 to stay on top of the most important changes that impact you.

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