Instagram Recruiting: Should You Believe The Hype?

Stuart Read
12 Jun
Reading time: 4 minutes
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More so than any other job board or social media site, Instagram has a polarising effect on recruiters.

On the topic of Instagram, recruiters fall into one of two categories: they either acknowledge Instagram’s widespread popularity and are open to the talent pools accessible through the platform, or they’re dismissive of it and write it off as a fad – isn’t that the app where people post selfies and pictures of their meals?

If we put aside the group of Instagram users who only post pictures of their smashed avocado toast and selfies, the fact is that there is a large contingent of people who regularly use Instagram for sharing and searching job-related content.

Last week at the UK Recruiter’s annual Recruitment Tech Expo in London, speaker Katrina Collier insightfully raised the point that Instagram currently has over 200 million more users than LinkedIn – the traditional go-to social platform for recruitment. What’s more – as observed by Katrina – unlike LinkedIn, Instagram users are active users who log in and consume content multiple times throughout the day.

So for those recruiters who are open to exploring all talent sourcing avenues, here are the arguments for Instagram as a recruitment tool:


  1. It’s a way to attract employees

Prospective employees dig around on social media for clues about what it’s really like to work for your company, particularly the millennial cohort, and Instagram is no exception to the places they’ll look. Having an Instagram account is a signifier that your company has it’s finger on the pulse and is in touch with the platforms its employees favour.

An Instagram account that shows pictures of staff birthday celebrations, team activities and fun tidbits from daily office life is extremely attractive for potential employees and passive candidates.


     2. It’s a personal, powerful branding tool

Instagram is a purely visual platform and visual content has a much higher engagement rate than simply text. Rather than people having to read a lengthy blurb about the nature of your company, being able to see what it’s like for themselves in pictures is much more effective and impactful. Instagram lets you let people peek inside your company’s world and tell stories through images.


    3. Instagram content is highly sharable

As Instagram pictures are accompanied by short captions, the content you publish on your company’s Instagram page can also be published simultaneously to other linked social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Capture different live audiences across all social platforms at one time when you publish Instagram posts.


    4. Hashtags on Instagram can be used to build your social presence

Use a company hashtag, for example #JobAdder, in the captions of your Instagram posts to build up a dedicated social portal for all of your company photos. Whenever anyone clicks on that hashtag, they’ll be directed to a page containing every single photo your employees have ever posted using that hashtag, which is essentially your very own branded page. Just make sure that the hashtag isn’t already in use by someone else!

Using other hashtags related to the content of the photo or to your industry, such as #recruitment, is also useful for attracting views and engagement from like-minded people in the industry.


    5. Instagram accounts give clues about candidates

Not only is a candidate’s Instagram page a source of information about their personal interests, but often it’s also a source of professional information. It’s common for people to include details about their job title, industry and links to their personal blog or website in the biography section of their Instagram page. Recruiters can use this information to gain further insight about a candidate’s compatibility for a role.



Does your company use Instagram as a recruiting tool or are you still a non-believer?

Share your thoughts with us!

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