Product Integration Showcase: Volcanic

Stuart Read
23 Feb
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A website is the digital face of your brand and speaks volumes about your business to customers, candidates and clients. The difference between having a slick, modern site that generates leads and draws customers in and one that’s stale, slapdash and looks like it hasn’t been updated in years is massive.

Volcanic are specialists in creating successful recruitment websites and here’s the good news – we integrated them last year.

And the even better news? They’re currently offering a 20% discount to JobAdder users in Australia who sign up to have their website created or redesigned!



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Product Integration Showcase | Spotlight on Recruitment Websites

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The Integration

Volcanic specialise in creating high-performing websites for recruitment businesses.
Thanks to JobAdder’s integration with Volcanic, users can post job ads to their own Volcanic-built website.

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The Problem

Recruitment businesses need to stand out from their many competitors in order to continually attract new business.

Like sales, recruitment is an industry that’s heavy on soft skills and networking, but it’s not possible for recruitment professionals to give face-to-face time to all prospects. Therefore, businesses must have a strong digital footprint that generates new leads and allows them to be found.

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The Solution

Websites are the digital face of every company and an opportunity to attract new customers and clients.
Volcanic are experts in creating high-performing recruitment websites.

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The Solution

By applying custom designs and in-built SEO to every website they create, Volcanic help recruitment businesses attract customers and amplify their digital presence. Volcanic also ensure that every business’ website remains relevant with regular updates.
The integration between JobAdder and Volcanic means that recruiters can make a powerful online impression with job seekers, then direct them to apply for open jobs on their optimised website.

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The Verdict

Samantha of HelpStreet Healthcare Recruitment shared what insight her business gathers with Volcanic, as well as her favourite part of the integration between JobAdder and Volcanic.

“[From Volcanic] We gather information such as site traffic, and where it comes from, as well as our busiest days for applications, most popular keywords searched and where the candidates are from.”
Of her favourite part of the integration between Volcanic and JobAdder, Samantha shared, “That candidates are easily pulled across from Volcanic into JobAdder.”

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Sign Up Today & Receive 20% Off!

Volcanic are currently offering JobAdder users a 20% discount when they sign up to have their website created or redesigned.
Offer available for a limited time only!

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Find out more information about this integration at the JobAdder Marketplace.

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