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Integrations: CandidateIntro is now live!

We are delighted to announce that new job board partner CandidateIntro is now live. This job board has both free and paid options – view the job board profile here.

Here is a word from the job board: 

“Are you looking for a new job or just wondering what’s currently on the market? If so, then start your job search here by using CandidateIntro’s job search form. Search and browse for jobs by city, industry, job title and relevant skills.

Are you looking for a new employee or just wondering what talent is out there? If so, then search our candidate database. CandidateIntro can help you find what you’re looking for.

Are you over looking for the right employee but simply don’t have time? Are you searching for a job but not getting the response you expected?
If so, then consider if a recruitment agency’s assistance might be the option for you. Search our recruitment agency database to find an industry-specialised agency in your area.”

Job Board Contact details:

Tel:+61 (02) 8007 5669


How to get started?

Please contact our JobAdder support team by logging a ticket or emailing to get started posting today.

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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