Introducing Calendly: the new calendar scheduling solution

Stuart Read
19 Jul
Reading time: 2 minutes
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No one wishes they had more time in a day than the multitasking recruiter. Especially when it comes to organising group interviews.

As if hosting interviews isn’t time consuming enough, the task of scheduling group interviews with multiple candidates while working around everyone’s conflicting schedules can really make the task bigger than Ben Hur.


Thankfully, our latest integration with Calendly offers a solution to the problem.


Calendly is a scheduling tool that makes calendar event management simple and straightforward. By syncing up with your connected account, Calendly gathers together all of your existing events and allows you to designate time slots in your calendar when you’re free for interviews.


Once this is done, you can simply invite candidates to book themselves into available time slots for group interview sessions. Recruiters and hiring managers can also export an interview attendance list from within JobAdder, allowing them to be better prepared for the interview itself.


JobAdder Calendly Post

This integration gives JobAdder users the ability to skip the painful process of going back and forth with candidates about interview times and brings greater transparency to the scheduling process.


For more information about how to sync up your JobAdder account with Calendly and start scheduling group interviews, read the full Support Centre article here.

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