JobAdder and Hiretual – it just makes sense

Grace Orchard
20 Jul
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Untargeted, ineffective web searches and placing the wrong candidate will waste everyone’s time and money. Your best work is the quality of your candidate and the speed with which you place. So how do you work faster and deliver your best work as a recruiter or in-house hiring manager? Having JobAdder as your applicant tracking software takes care of the grunt work and eliminates the clutter of the hiring process – with JobAdder you can sort, consolidate and actualise your recruitment efforts with precision and speed. But what of your search process? How do you make your search more precise and targeted so the candidates you add to your JobAdder account are the best for your talent pool? In the age of AI, what is the best way to find new candidates?

Our latest integration partner Hiretual sources the best candidates across the web for your open role. Offering a Marketplace partner that helps you to quickly and easily find the best candidates across the globe, to easily contact and add them to your JobAdder account, was a no brainer for us.

Find, track and place candidates with speed and ease. Take advantage of AI and join over 80,000 recruiters already using Hiretual.

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