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JobAdder in Scotland. Wait. What?

Stuart Read
20 Jun
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Someone with great shoes once said, “There’s no place like home.”

For me, the decision to move back to Scotland was not an easy one. After a lifetime of being on the move – my first real job was 15 years ago as a dancer travelling the world – I was growing ‘itchy feet’ again after 4 years in Sydney.

I missed my family and friends back home in the motherland, so that was an even bigger pull in Scotland’s direction. But, with a new husband and a small dog to take into the equation, I/we had to really make sure that moving across the other side of the world was the right decision.

Also, of course, my job! I LOVE working for JobAdder and to leave the JobAdder family behind was going to be heartbreaking. Luckily for me, JobAdder was all, “ Sure, please stay with us, sell our beautiful product in the UK.” #winning

Yep – That’s me in the middle with the great shoes 😉

I first fell in love with the company through my dealings with the Support team and the amazing training they give, it always felt just like talking to friends. I knew I had to keep an eye out for positions becoming available at the company and as soon as one popped up, I called the CEO Brett directly!

Soon after I joined the company as a Support Pirate (as they’re known around here) and learned JobAdder inside and out. The transition to Sales when I moved to Scotland was so natural for me because I don’t even feel like I’m selling, just sharing the JobAdder wealth!

So, after a wonderful 23 hour flight (ok I flew Business Class, I cannot complain) I’m here and am still working for my dream company. Boom.

I can’t wait to share all the JobAdder goodness with recruiters right across Scotland, it’s pure dead brilliant and – in my most Scottish accent – you should get yoursel signed up noo!

Here’s why:


  • I first met JobAdder on a blind date…. Kidding, as a CRM when I worked in a super busy 360 degree recruitment role. As a person who didn’t have time for admin it was sooo easy to use and was really, really good looking, which helps when you have to stare at it day in and day out!


  • JobAdder is completely web-based so, like me, you can use it from anywhere in the world. Plus, I’m just one of many Adders we have abroad that provide 24/7 Customer Support, no matter where you are.


  • I am so looking forward to some Scottish banter with my new clients – at least they’ll be able to understand me on the phone! Irn Bru and a Black pudding supper please. I took a great ribbing in the Sydney office for the way I say “Soooooooooooooo” (read in a Scottish accent).


Husband joins me in 5 weeks to take a few months off, then have a honeymoon on a cruise (yes, I love boats). As for my little dog Leo, he’s adapted like an absolute champ. He is perfecting his Scottish bark as we speak and has already jumped head first into the Firth of Forth!
He’s none the worse for wear I promise.

JobAdder Scotland Leo

If you’d like to have a yarn with a fellow Scot, or find out more about our incredible product, visit our
website or send me an email at

I’d love to hear from you!

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