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JobAdder Integrates with Website Experts Volcanic

In good news for recruiters who need to strengthen their digital footprint, JobAdder has integrated with Volcanic.

In a nutshell, Volcanic are experts when it comes to building high-performing recruitment websites.

Currently powering over 300 recruitment websites worldwide, analytics are one of Volcanic’s core components and are used to quantifiably improve the performance of each website they create.

Websites built by Volcanic are completely customised and are designed to help recruitment businesses get better results, achieve increased revenue and naturally attract candidates.


For each of these reasons, Volcanic is a natural fit with JobAdder.


Purpose-built for all recruitment business, particularly new businesses getting off the ground, JobAdder is easy to use and lends structure and simplicity to the recruitment workflow.

So much more than a recruitment CRM, JobAdder is a complete Recruitment Management System.

Head of Growth Stuart Read says, “It’s important for recruitment business owners to ensure their website has the capacity to be optimised easily for search, so Volcanic’s service is a great value add to JobAdder users.”

Thanks to this integration, once a custom website is created by Volcanic, that recruitment business can then post jobs directly to their own (awesomely upgraded) website to attract even more candidates than ever.

We are excited to welcome Volcanic to the JobAdder Marketplace!

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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