JobAdder Integrates With Enboarder To Make Your Onboarding Process Easy

Stuart Read
12 Aug
Reading time: 2 minutes
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If you’ve been searching for a simple way to engage your new employees, while making managers look like rockstars, you’re going to love JobAdder’s latest integration.

Enboarder is a highly-customisable platform that optimises the onboarding experience for employers and their new employees. Enboarder’s mobile-first platform allows employers to engage new hires before Day One with personalised, automated messaging, making it easy to give all employees the same warm welcome.

In this way, companies can add structure and consistency to their method of onboarding, by funneling all tasks and documentation involved with the process through one portal. “The best part of this integration is how simple it is to connect the systems, we integrated them in just a couple of days” explains Enboarder Founder Brent Pearson. “For the user, they just enter their JobAdder credentials into Enboarder’s setting screen and new hires will automatically start flowing into the onboarding engine!”

JobAdder makes it easy for hiring managers and recruiters to stay in touch with their candidates as they progress through the stages of application with sophisticated CRM and automated messaging.

Thanks to this integration, once a candidate is successfully placed in a role with JobAdder, their profile will flow seamlessly through to Enboarder. Users simply tick ‘Export To Payroll / Timesheets’ from within the placement record in JobAdder to push data through to Enboarder.

Of the integration, JobAdder Product Manager Erin Chmelik said, “We are excited to provide JobAdder users with a simple, smart solution to onboarding that goes hand in hand with our recruitment platform.”

Here are some great features of Enboarder that this integration gives JobAdder users easy access to:



  • Timeline layout allows you to set key milestones that begin a certain number of days before the new hire starts work (“pre-phase”) and end when you choose (“post-phase”)
  • All milestones are editable and can be customised with company branding



  • To-do tasks and onboarding reminders can be sent through to team members via email from the Enboarder page builder, which includes the option to drag and drop elements onto this page (shown above)
  • The first comms new hires receive is usually a welcome SMS – employers can gather mobile numbers from candidate records in JobAdder



  • A status page gives updates such as ‘Viewed,’ ‘Completed’ and ‘Overdue’ to keep all parties (internal and external) on track


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