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Great news for JobAdder Mobile App users!

Logging into the JobAdder Mobile App has never been easier.

In our latest feature update, all app users can now login securely by simply scanning their fingerprint or by entering a 4-digit pin code.

Save time and say goodbye to typing long passwords just to access your JobAdder mobile app.


  • Don’t wait until there’s a pile of applications sitting in your inbox – view, sort and shortlist applications while on the go using our simple Star Rating feature.
  • Collaborate better – view, upload and share Resumes and Cover Letters.
  • Find information fast – run a quick search of your entire database from the app using Quick Search for mobile. This feature allows you to filter by name, title, company or candidate notes to conduct highly targeted searches.
  • Skip the repetition in your search process – our Recent Keywords Search produces a shortlist of recent searches to help you run your frequent searches fast.
  • Always stay ahead – view a recap of your upcoming interviews, tasks and meetings with the app’s Daily Task Summary feature.
  • Eliminate double handling – view and manage candidate and contact records from the app. Any changes are automatically updated across the board in your account.
  • Know that your data is safe and secure – your confidential recruitment data is securely stored within our your cloud-based account.

Recruit on the go!

Haven’t downloaded the app on your mobile yet?

Click here for iOS
Click here for Android

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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