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5 Reasons Why JobAdder Users Should Be Using Oncore Services

Stuart Read
27 Jul
Reading time: 2 minutes
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As you may already know, JobAdder recently integrated with Oncore Services.

In a nutshell, Oncore Services provide contractor payroll solutions, including services and advice for recruiters who recruit for contract roles.

Do you recruit for contract roles? Are you looking to outsource payroll to people who will take it off your hands? Do you ever seek out advice about risk mitigation?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should be taking full advantage of our integration with Oncore Services.

Here are 5 very good reasons why:

1. There Are No Added Costs

JobAdder and Oncore Services have formed an integration that gives JobAdder users ready access to Oncore Services’ excellent suite of offerings. Plus, syncing up your JobAdder account their platform for the automatic exchange of data is free.

All that’s needed is for you to activate Oncore Services from within the ‘Apps & Add Ons’ page in JobAdder.

2. They’re All About Contractors

Oncore Services are specialists in their field, and their field is contract work.

Oncore Services provide specialised assistance to recruiters who recruit for contract roles and companies who work with contractors. Their services cover online timesheeting, billing (invoicing), debtor management and payroll. Basically, they manage the whole back office, freeing you up to do your job.

3. Billing, Payroll and Debtor Management Made Easy

If any of these things give you a headache, there’s no point battling on when Oncore Services can help. Oncore’s software automates the entire payroll process seamlessly and has an automatic reminder feature that notifies contractors who are late to fill in timesheets.

4. Expert Risk Mitigation Advice

They also provide professional risk mitigation advice, legal solutions and tax-compliant engagement models. This is an invaluable service for recruiters and companies working with contractors –  advice of this nature is always best taken from the experts.

5. A Platform That’s Customisable & Simple

Oncore Services’ platform is highly customisable, allowing recruitment professionals to promote their own brand. Set up with Oncore is simple and fast – if provided with a company logo, new customers can be set up in just half an hour.


For a refresher of all the details of this integration, check out the official Press Release or Oncore Services’ profile in the JobAdder Marketplace.


More recruiter-specific information about Oncore Services can be found here.

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