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The week JobAdder’s Support Pirates took over Bali!

Stuart Read
28 Jul
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For most people with ordinary jobs, work is usually the thing dragging them home from a tropical island and back to the desk. But JobAdder is no ordinary workplace. For our Customer Support team, last week it was work dragging them to the tropical island of Bali for an unforgettable week of team bonding and remote working.

At the beginning of the year, JobAdder reintroduced an internal employee program called LifeAdder. LifeAdder is an opportunity for us Adders to set personal goals for the year ahead based on a challenge we want to overcome or a new experience we want to try that puts us out of our comfort zone.

In true Customer Support style, the Support Pirates raised the bar and aimed high – literally – their LifeAdder challenge was to climb the famously steep Mount Batur in Bali together as a team. So last week they jetted off to spend a week in Bali achieving their lofty goal and working remotely for a week from Bali’s busy tech hub in Ubud.


JobAdder Bali Post 1


On the day of the climb, the Support Pirates woke up at 2am and trekked for almost 3 hours in the pitch darkness with just a few torches to help them navigate and scale the volcanic rocks. After a few straight hours of trekking and “focusing on breathing so as to not die,” they reached the summit just before dawn and saw the sunrise.
A pretty spectacular way to end the climb!


JobAdder Bali Post


Of the experience, Customer Support Manager Jez shared,

“Mt Batur was a massive highlight, but the biggest highlight for me wasn’t the hike itself but the experience. It was spending more time with everyone out of the office and even out of the normal Sydney work environment. It was also sitting back and not being “the Manager,” learning and getting to know more about everyone and what amazing  people they are. This was definitely a humbling experience for me. Reflecting on it, it’s really reminded me to let go of the manager mind frame and know you can place trust in the team around you. They have a different outlook and approach which will help the team grow and evolve and look at things differently.”


The rest of the week was spent working remotely and bonding as a team. Highlights included riding mopeds through the town and never-ending rice fields, trying all the different flavours of local Ubud cuisine and exploring hidden waterfalls.


JobAdder Bali Post


JobAdder Bali Post


Customer Support Consultant Holly shared some insight on the importance of team bonding brought about on the trip:

“We definitely did a lot of team bonding just by being around each other 24/7 on this trip. It is a very different experience to be around someone for 8 hours a day, versus the entire day. Working together and then going out to dinner afterwards etc. I think we all really learned so much about each other, and I feel that the time together made us stronger as a team. When you are with someone all day, there is so much time for some ‘real talk’ and this helped me to really get to know the amazing people that I work with.”


JobAdder Bali Post


Here’s a roundup of the Support team’s top tips for working remotely from Bali:

  1. Make sure you have backup internet. You can pick up a sim card on the street or even pay $20 for 12gb delivered to your door (Simjek). This will allow you to hotspot from your phone if the internet goes.
  2. Ubud has an amazing list of remote worker friendly cafes. Co-working places are great in Ubud too, plus they’re perfect for networking if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you need to smash out some work and want to enjoy Ubud’s amazing food scene, cafes are the way to go.
  3. Our Support crew selected a villa in which we could work and relax, which was great for us. If you’re going with a group of people, be sure to take a power board so you can charge all your devices at the same time!
  4. Ensure you are communicating well with your team across the world. Remote working doesn’t mean you are all alone (even though it can feel that way sometimes). Having great communication tools is key, and just making sure to say “hello” when you hop online and “bye” when you are heading out. This makes it so much easier for everyone.
  5. Make sure you have the proper outlet adapters! We had a few different ones for our Support team to use, although the large power strip burned out. So making sure you have a good quality adapter is key, especially when your job relies on your laptop having some juice.


With the Customer Support team well and truly raising the bar on the LifeAdder challenge for 2017, the question on everyone’s mind is: what exciting adventure do they have in store for next year?

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