Living & Working in Paradise!

Stuart Read
10 Sep
Reading time: 2 minutes
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Yes that’s right! For the last 3 years I’ve been responding to your Support tickets from a thatched bamboo hut, surrounded by exotic rice fields in mystical Bali, drinking coconuts & dodging monkeys!

2 years ago I left the matrix and minimized down to my laptop & JobAdder in a backpack. I now successfully lead a nomadic lifestyle, cultivating both a professional & bohemian existence where two days will never be the same again, thank you JobAdder!

Working remotely is an incredibly rewarding experience that has proven to suit our Jobadder model & culture. Thanks to a digital device and the internet, I have the freedom to work in the most inspiring yet unconventional environments, connect with incredible people from across the globe and increase my work life balance in ways I could have never imagined.

As Jobs are evolving and we are becoming an increasingly asset-light generation, is this the norm of our future?  I sure hope so!

The rise of the coworking space community has created an attractive platform to connect with like-minded digital nomads, sharing and collaborating & of-course obtaining great internet connection, whilst on the go!

A great environment = productivity = $$ revenue = happy work life balance.

If you get the opportunity to take your laptop and go and work in your version of paradise, I say GO FOR IT!

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