Fall in love with your recruitment metrics!

Brett Iredale
27 Mar
Reading time: 2 minutes
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“Hit your numbers!”

Between tracking profit, incoming candidates, BD activities and everything else that comes with recruitment, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. And the further you fall into confusion,  the more your recruitment metrics become a source of angst and frustration, rather than something that offers a detailed story. But there is hope! By making small changes, you can fall head over heels for your recruitment metrics!

Metrics for personal tracking

Sure, the overall end of the month goals are important for tracking your recruitment successes and failures, but consider what you’re tracking personally. Set up dashboards that help you monitor everything you need to keep a finger on the pulse of your strategy.

Consider the end goal

Often, recruiters become overwhelmed about their recruitment metrics because they track too much. Narrow your focus by only keeping tabs on what you need the most. This about what metrics will help you tell your story clearly. Pick five metrics and focus on how to record those best each month.

Modify based on your KPIs

Now that you’ve collected the right data, modify and improve! Data is only as good as what you put into it, so use it wisely. Once you see your hard work come into play, you’ll fall in love with your recruitment metrics.

Make a plan for implementing

Look at your short and long-term goals, how does your recruitment metrics help reflect how you’re meeting these goals? Many ATS systems include the ability to collect personalized recruitment metrics. Then, recognize where you have gaps.

As your business grows, consider how your recruitment metrics will help reflect your successes and failures. Comment below and tell us how your recruitment metrics has helped your company grow.

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