Massive new productivity hack – process job applications straight from your inbox!

Brett Iredale
13 Feb
Reading time: 2 minutes
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If you are like me, you may still prefer receiving new job applications in your inbox. Of course with JobAdder all applications are automatically added to the job in the system, however it is often really convenient to read your new applications in your inbox as they come in.

For those of you who do this, I am delighted to announce one of our most awesome new click-reducing productivity hacks for 2019 so far.

When you look at your new job applications in your inbox you will see that you can click a status in the email to mark someone as Shortlist, Longlist or To Be Rejected.  From today, when you click a status in your email it now opens a new note box allowing you to create a new note about the candidate, and even use the @mention feature to tag a colleague.

This then automatically;

(1) updates the candidate status

(2) adds a note to the candidate record, and

(3) sends an email to your colleague with your note and a link to the record.

All of this without leaving your inbox.  It works beautifully on mobile too.

If you do not already have this feature enabled on your account then please contact our awesome Support team and they will activate it for you.  And yep, this is free and available to all customers.





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