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Master Your Time on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the king of all social media sites for recruiters. And rightfully so, LinkedIn has become a watering hole of passive and engaged candidates.

But between profiles searches, job postings and sponsored ads, it’s easy to get lost in LinkedIn’s never ending source of information. So, how can you get the most out of your time on LinkedIn? Get started with these tips:

1) Know when to sponsor ads and when to let it sit. If you’ve built an engaged following of passive job seekers, you may not need to sponsor that job ad or post on LinkedIn. Sponsored ads can be expensive. Dive into your social analytics to find out what job postings resonate with your current following on LinkedIn and when to hold back.

2) Look at placed candidates connections. If you’ve connected with a candidate you’ve placed, take some time to look at their connections. Narrow down by title and location to get a quick glimpse into who they are connected with. Chances are a similar candidate is just a 2nd Connection away.

3) Join LinkedIn groups related to the position you’re recruiting for. If you’re constantly recruiting for a specific industry or title, join groups related to the position or are you’re recruiting in. Take for example if you’re recruiting in Denver, consider joining the “Denver Young Professionals Group on LinkedIn.” Alternatively, if you’re recruiting for marketers in Denver, consider joining the American Marketing Association’s local chapter.

4) Inspire candidates with a compelling LinkedIn profile. What does your LinkedIn profile tell candidates? Show candidates you know what makes them tick by using industry relevent information.

5) Analyze, Analyze, Analyze. If you’ve followed my blog posts, you’ve probably noticed I have a tendency to promote reporting and analytics — that’s because they work. Make sure you’re hitting the right candidates by viewing your ” Who’s viewing your profile” and “follower demographic” statistics to make sure you’re reaching the right people.

Stay tuned for even more social media tips, tricks and more on the JobAdder Blog.

Brett Iredale

Brett Iredale

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