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Seamlessly view new job details with our latest app updates

Our mobile app users wanted to do more with an actual job record within the app, and so with that being said, we’re so excited to introduce our updated job detail feature! 

Here’s a quick summary of what’s new:

Before: New applications were bunched together with rejected or progressed applications which made it difficult to differentiate at a glance.

💡The Mobile team decided to separate ‘new applications’ and ‘applicants’ who have been progressed so that they could focus on actioning/contacting those ‘new applications’ when they apply for a job.

Before: Users would have to go through each candidate record in order to contact or view resume which is time-consuming.

💡We’ve redesigned the candidate record to make sure users would have access to all of their important information without needing to open it.

Before: It was difficult to go through written notes because it was buried under a blanket of system notes.

💡This led the team to introduce filters within the notes tab.

Before: Important information like job stage and fees could only be viewed in the details tab.

💡We’ve made that information available as soon as you arrive at the ‘Job Detail’ to give users a sense of how far they are from placing a candidate for that particular job.

Want more detail? Read on!

1. The new jobs detail page


The purpose of this refresher to the new jobs page is to add more information to simplify your busy life when you’re not in the office to access new information.

As you can see with the ‘before’ detail page, it was basically a list. Whereas now, it’s easier to digest the information which was achieved by redesigning that page and resurfacing it much better.

You can also start adding candidates to your job without having to post a job ad! Simply add job skills to your job record and we’ll look up your database to find the best candidates who match those skills.

Let’s say you’re at a friend’s bbq and you randomly meet one of your clients. They happen to ask you about a new role they have in mind. You can pull up the JobAdder mobile app, create the job record and add a few job skills. Once the record has been saved, check the candidate matches list and start recruiting there and then in front of your client. How powerful is that?

a) The new tab

This new tab feature allows users to solely focus on new applications with the most relevant information displayed, which quickens the process of finding the right candidate, (i.e location of the candidate, current company etc).

When a new applicant comes in through JobAdder, you will receive the applications through a notification. This new tab also displays an icon if the candidate has included a video cover letter. Can you spot it?

When you tap on a new application, it automatically navigates you to the swipe reject/progress page where you can access more information to help you make a decision, (i.e review the resume, check placement or application history etc).

b) The new applications tab


As you can see with the before and after, this new update resurfaces relevant information such as:

  • Status 
  • Last note type
  • Call candidate
  • View resume 
  • Add more actions to the applicant 

If you want to add an action to an applicant it will allow you the option to: 

  • Progress a candidate
  • Reject a candidate
  • Email [candidate name]
  • Add to another job 

You can also add filters depending on the stages. For example, if you need to follow up on a candidate, search under the stages for ‘submitted’ where you can then call or text the candidate or client. 

With these filter applications, you can also look for other filters under ‘Sort by’ such as ‘recent update’ or ‘star rating.’

Our Mobile App team continuously monitor the usage of ‘filter applications’.For example, we’ve noticed that sorting by A-Z has not been used once, which means we can remove those fields to unclutter, remove noise and focus on what’s been mostly used.

c) New job notes


This new tab can be summarised as a nice timeline, where you can filter notes by recruiters or by:

  • My Notes
  • Team Notes
  • All Notes
  • System Notes

This helps you remove the automatic system notes and find what you need fast.

We understand that a recruiter’s goal is to make placements and hit their KPIs the quickest way possible; which is why we are focused on delivering you an efficient and fast recruiting experience via our mobile app.

The Mobile team can’t wait to see how our users will better utilise the new job details page with all its functionality. Have you updated your Mobile app since the Christmas break? If you’re an iOS user, click here. For Android users click here

Let me and the team know what you think via

Kim Boutard

Kim Boutard

Kim Boutard is the Head of Mobile at JobAdder and has been in mobile tech for more than 8 years. She is passionate about solving complex problems and keeping the user experience as simple and efficient as possible. She specialises in driving the vision and road mapping for SaaS companies. In addition to managing the product lifecycle, Kim focuses on collaborations between customers and companies and successfully creates mobile apps that increase revenue and results with competitive wins.

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