Summer Networking Tips for Sales Success!

Brett Iredale
24 Jun
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Summer is just around the corner at the Denver office!  That means BBQs, patio lunches and, of course, summer networking events. Here in Denver, one of the season’s biggest networking events, Summer Toast, hosts professionals of all industries is approaching. While this is just one event, networking opportunities, like these events, prove to be a good source of opportunities to meet potential clients. Regardless of your location, summer networking events turn out to be an excellent time to continue your efforts to grow your agency’s business.

Network like a pro with these quick tips: 

Stop Always Selling: Rarely do clients go to events wanting to be consistently targeted by sales professionals. Yes, many prospects want to find legitimate contacts, but networking events offer a unique opportunity to build a genuine relationship prior to selling your agency’s services to a potential client. Let the conversation start with casual conversation and then slowly introduce who you are, what your company does and more.

Follow-Up: A few days later, be sure to follow up with any connection you’ve made. In your follow up, remind them where you met, and give them a brief description of your service.

Connect on Social Media: Whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Adding a connection on social media is a good way to stay top of mind. Even if a prospect isn’t currently hiring, pay attention to job postings they post on their statuses. Then, head over to their company page and follow them there as well.

Become a Thought Leader: If you focus on a particular niche industry, continually send information regarding staffing and recruiting out via your social media channels. If your agency generates a lot of high-quality content, consider sending them links to blog posts via email. Be sure to include a reminder of how you met and some top level points on why the article may interest them.

Have more top tips for networking? Share them below!

Image Source: Burnett’s Staffing

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