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Important New JobAdder Features in May

Stuart Read
23 May
Reading time: 5 minutes
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Our second product release in May is a big one and benefits nearly all users so please read these release notes carefully.

This release includes;

  1. A brand new, built in, data import tool
  2. Updates to the Quick View user experience
  3. A major update to email signatures, introducing global, dynamic email signatures.
  4. Ability to create multiple offices and brands
  5. Updates to user settings
  6. Burst SMS integration updates
  7. Integration to the Revelian testing and assessment platform

New job board integrations – Work It Girl and FlexCareers


Data Import Tool

Do you have additional data that you’d love to upload to JobAdder? Our self-service solution allows admin users to now import spreadsheets or CSV files of Companies, Contacts and Candidates into JobAdder in just a few clicks!

Simply map your spreadsheet columns to your existing fields in JobAdder and off it goes. When complete, you’ll receive an email and an in-app notification directing you to review the import history and view the folder of records we’ve created for you for each import.

JobAdder May Release Notes

On the import history page a rollback feature is available in case you are not happy with what you have imported.

For the full tour of this new feature check out this video.

Quick View UI Updates

Keyboard shortcuts to navigate through, and select, your Quick View cards. If you open Quick Views from any grid view you can now use the left and right keys to navigate through and spacebar to select a Quick View.

Resizing Quick Views – click and drag to resize the width now adjusts both sides at the same time to bring consistency with the main site resize function. Height resize is as before.

We have increased the minimum size of our Quick Views and applied a default, but adjustable, landscape aspect ratio. If you have already set your Quick View size (by adjusting the size and location on screen prior to this update), this preference remains.

Email Signatures

To make emailing easier and more flexible, you can now set up master email signatures that can be applied to all your JobAdder email templates.

Email signature content is taken directly from your user profile, and it’s completely customisable for different office locations or brands. (see Multiple Offices feature below).

Get the full tour of the new email signatures here.

Multiple Offices

One of the best features of the new dynamic email signatures is that they can be customised for companies with multiple office locations and brands. Office names, addresses, logos, social media profiles and more can be tailored,  allowing your signature design to dynamically update based on office details.  

Learn more about how to add offices and brands to your account here.

User Settings Update

With the Signature and Offices update we have added some new fields to your Profile pages.  The most noteworthy additional user settings are;

  • Office/Brand
  • Social media links

Burst SMS Updates

Line breaks are now retained in the SMS. When you insert line breaks into the SMS in JobAdder those will now be retained and show up in the SMS that the candidate or contact receives.  A special shout-out to Mike Laulu for requesting this update via our Slack Innovators Network!

Previous messages sent to the candidate or contact are now retained in the email string so that you have all previous context of a conversation.

Candidate or contact name appears in email. The name of the candidate or contact who is replying to the SMS is now shown in the email response.

Revelian Assessments Integration

Introducing our first assessments and testing integration with Revelian. Revelian are market-leading providers of candidate assessment software for the recruitment industry.

Revelian is a leading online assessments provider and is now integrated into your JobAdder workflow. From a job order you can now select candidates and invite them to complete an online assessment.  Once the assessment is completed it automatically appears on the candidate record in JobAdder.

New Job Boards: Work It Girl & FlexCareers

In this release we have two new integrated job board partners.  Both of these job boards focus on women in the workplace, so if diversity is important to your business then please check them out.

Work It Girl

Work It Girl is Australia’s newest and only job search engine dedicated to females. Work It Girl understands that companies and clients are actively seeking to close the gender gap and nurture women into leadership positions.

Work It Girl is available to all Australian and New Zealand clients. To register with Work It Girl please visit their website.


FlexCareers offers access to a highly skilled, untapped talent pool of qualified women seeking flexible jobs from progressive organisations.

FlexCareers is available for all Australia and New Zealand based clients. To register with FlexCareers please visit their website.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all our amazing customers and partners who contributed ideas to this product release.  More than half of our updates in each release are a direct result of your input, so thank you.

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