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James Ford
8 Dec
Reading time: 5 minutes
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Hi there, it’s James from the support team here, back with another blog entry!

This time I’m going to cover the two different Outlook applications that we offer to make your JobAdder experience even more useful and convenient along with some frequently asked questions we receive.

These free JobAdder applications can be installed into your Outlook desktop client on your computer and will let you interact with JobAdder directly from your mailbox! Please keep reading for all the juicy info 🙂

JobAdder for Office 365 is our most full featured solution for users of Outlook 365 and Outlook 2013 with Exchange 2013. With this version you can add candidates, contacts, notes and email attachments directly from your Outlook straight into JobAdder.

JobAdder for Outlook 2010 (and 2007) is our legacy plugin for older versions of Outlook which will allow you to forward messages from your inbox into JobAdder with one click (providing that person already exists within your JobAdder database). More information and a Q&A for both Outlook options can be found below.

JobAdder for Office 365

Our JobAdder for Office 365 and Outlook 2013 application can be found here https://store.office.com/jobadder-for-outlook-WA104368661.aspx


JobAdder for Office 365 FAQ

Q: Which versions of Outlook 365 are supported?

A: You can use this application if you have one of the business editions of Office 365 (excluding Office 365 Home & Business). It’s also compatible with Exchange 2013 (but not older versions).

Q: Where can I find out which version of Office 365 I’m running?

A: In your Outlook 2013 please go to File > Office Account (in the left hand column) > your subscription type will be displayed on the right hand side of the page:


Q: Help! I’ve installed the application but I can’t see it in my desktop Outlook 2013.

A: Firstly log into your Outlook 365 webmail at outlook.office365.com and click on an email in your Inbox. You should see a JobAdder button just below the email header like this:


Please click on that grey JobAdder button. Next a sign in to the JobAdder login screen which will appear. The JobAdder button should now appear in your desktop Outlook 2013 too. If it doesn’t, then you may need to delete and re-add your email account in your desktop Outlook, your IT team will be able to assist further here. When installed correctly you will see this in your desktop Outlook:


Q: Does is run on my Mac?

A: Yes, but only if you’re running the latest version of Outlook which is Outlook 2016. You can download this by logging into your Office 365 account online (outlook.office365.com) then click on the blue box (with the nine white dots) in the top left hand corner then click Admin then click ‘Download the latest version of Office’.


JobAdder for Outlook 2010 (and 2007)
If you’re using an older version of Outlook or don’t have an Office 365 account you can make use of our legacy plugin (available on Windows only).

To download this plugin please log into your JobAdder account then click the grey ‘?’ at the top of the screen then ‘Visit help centre’ In the help centre search for: ‘Installing the Outlook 2010 plugin’

If you’re not currently a JobAdder customer please consider signing up for a free trial on jobadder.com – you won’t regret it!


Once installed, clicking the ‘Add to JobAdder’ button at the top of your Outlook account or right clicking on a message then selecting ‘Add to JobAdder’, will let you forward individual emails from your Outlook into your JobAdder account which will be attached as a note against the corresponding candidate or contact record (as appropriate).

Q: Can I create candidates and contacts from my Outlook 2010 or 2007 via the plugin?

A: No, the candidate and contact will need to exist in JobAdder before you press ‘Add to JobAdder’. If they don’t already exist the email won’t appear in your JobAdder.

Q: Help! My ‘Add to JobAdder’ button doesn’t seem to be working.

A: Please locate the ‘Add to JobAdder’ button then hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard and left click. You will be asked to sign into the plugin again. Please use the same details you would to log into JobAdder:


Remember to click ‘Remember Me’ before you sign in:

Outlook-Plugins-5Q: I’ve sent an email from my Outlook 2010 or 2007 to JobAdder but it’s not showing up in JobAdder, what can I do?

A: Please make sure the email you’re trying to add is from a single recipient rather than a chain message (for example from Mary to Paul to James). If it’s a chain message the Outlook plugin won’t know which record to attach it against and therefore won’t complete.

Q: I’m trying to ‘Add to JobAdder’ from my Sent Items or another mailbox but it’s not working, can you help?

A: Currently the plugin is officially supported when sending to JobAdder from the Inbox only. If this changes in the future we’ll be sure to put an announcement out in the support centre.
Please keep an eye out for my next blog entry where I’ll cover our JobAdder for Gmail extension.


In the meantime, please email support@jobadder.com if the support team can assist any further.
Happy recruiting!

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