Now is the Perfect Time To Tidy Up Your Systems

Brett Iredale
13 Apr
Reading time: 10 minutes
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Here are 11 awesome things you can do in JobAdder this week.

A quiet period like this is a chance to take stock.  It is a chance to lift your head, take a step back and assess your business and your systems.  It is the perfect time to tidy up your database, implement improvements, streamline processes and get things in tip top shape for when the economy comes racing back.  

Whatever you do, do not waste this fantastic opportunity to get your systems in order.

To help with this, I have prepared a list of 11 things that will put you in a great position for when hiring picks back up again.  I have also included a handy checklist at the end of this document.

Things you can do right now:

  • Delete old data
  • Import fresh, clean new data
  • Re-write your auto-acknowledge emails
  • Revisit your email templates
  • Clean up and re-organise your folders
  • Clean up your job ad templates
  • Write new job ad templates
  • Try speech to text
  • Setup email automation
  • Implement SMS communication and templates
  • Explore Apps and Add Ons Marketplace

1. Delete Old Data

Recruitment systems collect an enormous amount of data, so before you know it you have tens, or hundreds, of thousands of records in your system, making it harder and slower to find the really valuable data.

We strongly recommend regular data cleanups where you find and delete old, inactive records. 

JobAdder makes this incredibly easy – simply define the age of the records you would like to remove, then search and delete.  Here is an example where I am searching for Company records that have not had a note added to them, or been updated since April 30, 2017 (i.e. they are more than 3 years old).

Three important things to remember when deleting records;

  1. JobAdder lets you delete up to 500 records at once. 
  2. You can export your records to XLS before deleting them 
  3. Records are not immediately deleted.  They are removed from view and put into a clever temporary holding area called “Recently Deleted Records” in Admin.  They remain there for 14 days before they are permanently deleted, allowing you time to review and reinstate deleted records during this 14 day period.

2. Import Fresh New Data

Now that you’ve got your database all sparkling clean, why not create and import new lists of clean data?

With JobAdder’s spreadsheet import tool you can easily load in new candidates, companies or contacts in a few clicks.

If you’re even more organised, you can even assign the new records to specific users and put them into folders so they are ready to go when everyone is back to work.  For example, head-hunting lists, business development lists, Hiring Managers to introduce yourself to, people to check in on, thank-you call lists and more.

3. Rewrite your Auto-Acknowledgement Emails

Auto-Acknowledgement emails are emails that are sent to job applicants automatically after they apply for your job ads.  The purpose is to acknowledge the receipt of the application and to outline any further information that an applicant may need.

I think these emails are under-utilised and often don’t have the thought and care put into them that they could have.   This may be the first email a person has from your organisation, so it is vital that it delivers the right message for your brand

Most jobs advertised for the foreseeable future will attract higher numbers of applicants than before, so it is really important to spend 10 minutes on this email template to get your messaging right.

Things I recommend including;

  • A friendly acknowledgement and appreciation of the effort taken to apply
  • A line or two about your business (this is free employer branding, use it)
  • A brief description of the timeline of a typical recruitment process at your organisation.  Set the expectation around the usual process and timing.
  • Links to any other websites or resources that you think a job seeker might find useful (E.g. your blog, meet the team, email alerts, training courses, resume writing tips)

4. Rewrite all candidate email templates

JobAdder’s email template system lets you create as many email templates as you need for all of your candidate communications.  During this extra-sensitive period of time, it may be a good idea to revisit all candidate email templates and check that the tone is right, and that they are as thoughtful as they can be. 

I also recommend considering having a range of “Unsuccessful” email templates, rather than a generic, one-size-fits-all template.  For example, someone who progresses to an interview, or a person you know you would love to hire in future should receive a very different communication to those who perhaps applied without reading the skills requirements.  It sounds so obvious, but email templates are a fantastic way to ensure that these basics are being done correctly across your business.

5. Clean up and re-organise Folders

Folders are the best and most powerful way to organise your data in JobAdder.  Folders allow you to group together records from anywhere in the system and can be used in an almost unlimited number of ways.

Folders are perfect for talent pools, mailing lists, business development, invitation lists, onboarding lists and offboarding lists and much, much more.  You are limited only by your imagination.

Examples for recruitment agencies;

  1. Talent pools:  Group current candidates together according to their skills, or the work they are seeking
  2. Business development: Put contacts together in a folder and assign to consultants as call lists
  3. Organise companies:  Use folders to create groups of companies that hire particular skills.  E.g. “SaaS businesses that hire Product Managers”. Or “Hiring sales people in London”.
  4. Onboarding lists:  “Call and say hi to these 100 people in your first week”
  5. Offboarding lists:  “Add the people and jobs you are currently working on to this folder and assign to me”.

Examples for hiring companies;

  1. Talent pools:  Folders in JobAdder are perfect for creating pools of talent.  Use folders to easily create email campaigns, or to fill incoming job orders much faster
  2. Newsletters:  Use folders to easily send newsletters or updates to groups of hiring managers or candidates.  E.g. “Here is what we have achieved in this quarter”.
  3. Agency Panels:  Group your preferred agency suppliers together in folders.  When you have a new role for them to work on, it can be as simple as sending a single email from the folder.  E.g. Send an email using this email template to my folder of “Java recruiters in Melbourne”.

Folders can save dozens of hours a month when set up correctly, so I’d highly recommend investing time clearing out old folders, and re-implement your ideal structures.   

I would also suggest looking carefully at the examples noted above for inspiration to see if you could be using folders more effectively than you are today.

6. Clean up job ad templates

Job ad templates are one of the biggest time saving features in JobAdder.  

Once users discover that they can save ads as templates and then post new job ads in a few clicks, they never look back.  However, over time your templates list can build up and become disorganised.

An easy place to start is to delete any templates that have an owner marked in red.  This is an old/ex user of the system, so it is unlikely that those templates are needed.

I would also recommend checking the templates to ensure they include job board settings and classifications wherever possible.  Templates can include job board classifications and locations, which saves a lot of time when posting new ads. If you want classifications and locations saved with the template then the trick is to click “Add as Template” on the final page of the job ad writing process.

7. Write new job ad templates

If you have not previously created job ad templates, something that we have found works really well for us is to have job ad templates that include your standard introductions and headings.  Standardising these across the business will ensure consistency of brand, messaging and ad layout.

Here is an example of one of ours; 

You can see from this template how much easier it is for a recruiter or Hiring Manager to write a new job ad using this structure.

8. Try out speech to text

Speech to text is now available on job ads, notes and summary fields in JobAdder and is a really fast, convenient way to enter information.  We use Google’s voice API, so you get the benefit of the millions of hours of training that have gone into the Google voice products. Personally, I love it for entering notes into the system, such as interview notes. 

9. Setup email automation

Now that you have Folders set up beautifully, it is time to get next-level advanced and look at setting up Email Automation.

This is one of the best opportunities most businesses will get to work on implementing and getting good at email automation.  It’s actually quite easy once you learn how to do it, and there is a good chance it will forever improve the way you do business.  It has for us.

You can now synchronise Folders in JobAdder with mailing lists in your preferred email automation tool, such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or Hubspot.

We use Active Campaign for all our marketing and client communications at JobAdder, so our Marketing Manager, Christina Knock, is running a free webinar on Thursday the 16th.  If you do not have experience setting up email automation then this webinar is the best place to start.

10. Implement SMS communication and templates

Are you actively using SMS communication in JobAdder?  Did you know that SMS has an incredible 90% open rate, and is read within an average of 90 seconds from receipt?

This blows email out of the water, so if you haven’t already done so, have a think about where and how you could be using SMS in your business to improve communications.

Some examples include;

  1. Interview reminders (send an SMS the night before and/or the day of the interview)
  2. Temp job confirmations
  3. Interview follow ups (with candidates and/or with Hiring Managers)
  4. Hiring Companies – use SMS to notify your agency providers that you have new roles for them to work on.  

Also remember to use Templates for emails, the same as you would for emails.  SMS messages might be shorter, but there are still considerable efficiencies to be had by creating your most common messages as templates.

11. Explore the Apps and Add Ons Marketplace

The JobAdder Marketplace is bursting with productivity tools that can improve and streamline your recruiting efforts.  Each of these partners have been vetted and the integrations carefully tested by our teams.

If there are processes that you have been wanting to streamline but haven’t had the time, now is your chance.  

Many of our partners are doing incredible deals right now too, so when you speak to them, be sure to ask about special deals.  For example did you know that Referoo is offering free reference checking, with the lite version of their product absolutely free or all JobAdder customers?

Visit the Marketplace here

See more special offers here.

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