Tip of the week: Publish Job Ads more quickly with templates

Stuart Read
6 Aug
Reading time: 3 minutes
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Want to know a secret to posting a complete  job ad in under 10 seconds? What if we told you that ad posting needn’t always involve embarrassing grunting noises, excessive sweating and keyboard punching?

It might sound too good to be true, but let’s explain how JobAdder cleverly takes the cognitive effort out of ad posting in a few little steps.


Save as you go by using the ‘Add as Template’ button 

Many of us could use a good starting point to writing our ads, just like we do it in other aspects of our work. For example, tools like canned email responses or bulk mail out templates certainly leverage time by giving you a framework to run with. Did you know JobAdder can give you that running start too by taking a load off the repetitious nature of ad posting?

JobAdder makes your ad posting easier with the ‘Add as Template’ button, that follows you throughout your ad writing process. Whether you are wanting to structure your ad description to use again and again, pre-tick job board selections or pre-fill classifications. You can choose at what stage you need to save your templates.

This comes real handy if you need to standardize your job ads with the same look and feel company wide; whether this be using certain headings, positioning your bullet points, company descriptions or contact information etc. Using templates for posting ads saves precious seconds you don’t have, and ultimately spares us all from a little keyboard anxiety!


Unnamed image (6)


How to better utilize your Job Ad Templates

  • Build a framework for all future job ad listings. This can be as simple as dot points to cover off important key notes on what content you need as a minimum.
  • Recycle ad content for positions you are continually recruiting for. This means centralizing in a template rather than scrambling around your old ad listings, emails and word docs.
  • Labeling your templates meaningfully for quicker retrieval.
  • If you have written that masterpiece of a golden nugget – save save save! It could re-inspire you.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Use your co-workers to share templates and build up your collection of handsomely written pieces.

After building a lavish library of job ad templates you can say hello to all your killer introductions, buzz words and key phrases that you ingeniously squirreled away for later; and most definitely say goodbye to creativity blanks, mental exhaustion and aimless mouse clicking to research inspiration or starting from scratch.

You’re welcome!

Image Source: mysoti.com

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