Q&A with Adrian Carty from Greenbridge Recruitment

Stuart Read
23 Mar
Reading time: 2 minutes
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AdrianCartyGreenbridge“I’ve worked with Brett for a number of years and have engaged Jobadder across most of their broad service offering (SMF Website, multipost system, RMS). Not only has Brett been easy to work with and provided good value for money, his really practical understanding of how to make technology work simply and efficiently for a recruitment business is what has impressed most. He has also been a great source of general start-up advice when I founded Greenbridge. He has surrounded himself with a great team who share similar values and I would highly recommend Jobadder as a business.”


JA: Why did you select JobAdder for your business?

Adrian: I was originally introduced to Brett by Justin Babet in JobAdvisor. New ideas went into development all the time and I liked that it was simple, intuitive to use, you could customise what you needed.

JA: What were some of the challenges your business faced prior to your new system evaluation?

Adrian: Main one was no proper search functionality so very hard to properly search for candidate profiles, no upgrades etc.

JA: Was JobAdder your first cloud based recruitment solution? If so, what were some of the challenges your users faced in adjusting to a cloud based system?

Adrian: Yes, the main challenge has been slowness of the system at times.

JA: What are some of the main benefits you have found with JobAdder?

Adrian: It automated a lot of work that was previously manual, very good reporting functionality, locally based tech and customer service team who have been great, regular invites to parties!

JA: What would you advise companies who are considering moving to the cloud?

Adrian: In 5 years of using cloud based systems I’ve never had a technical issue and the level of accessibility it gives is really worth the investment

JA: Any specific results you’re willing to share?

Adrian: Can’t remember any specifics due to the length of time since I’ve properly used it.

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