Q&A with Jamie Smith from JP Smith Recruitment & Human Resources

Stuart Read
4 Mar
Reading time: 4 minutes
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Founded in 2009, Queensland based company JP Smith is expert in temporary staffing, permanent recruitment and human resource consulting. Being one of JobAdder’s longest clients, we took the opportunity to approach Jamie Smith, Director of JP Smith to ask him a few questions about his past onboarding process.



JA: Why did you select JobAdder for your business?

Jamie: We selected JobAdder because we wanted to go into the cloud. We looked at a few competitors but the main reason why we chose JobAdder was because of the service side of things. At that stage they were probably all a bit much of a muchness, but when speaking with Darren, you could see that they they really stood behind their product – they were really interested in their product – they LOVED their product. We knew that they would back us up if the-you-know-what hit the fan.

JA: What were some of the challenges your business faced prior to your new system evaluation?

Jamie: Our business had really big problems with service and back up from the existing provider or the guys beforehand – it was a big issue. And really, we couldn’t access it remotely so that was a pain in the neck so going into the cloud we knew we had to do it.

JA: Was JobAdder your first cloud based recruitment solution? If so, what were some of the challenges your users faced in adjusting to a cloud based system?

Jamie: Yes, it was our first cloud based recruitment solution – we didn’t have any challenges, none at all. It was just so easy to use. I must say JobAdder was a lot simpler and easier. I think we were one of the first guys to come on board and it was a lot different back then but its still easy! So, no challenges – it was great, it was easy!

JA: What are some of the main benefits you have found with JobAdder?

Jamie: I’d have to say it’s the ease of access and the simplicity of the system. We’re really happy with the layout, the way it looks..You can get in there quickly, you can find what you need quickly. I’ve always said it’s a tool to help us – it doesn’t drive us, I don’t think any CRM system should drive the business, the business should have the CRM as its assistant and it does that very well.

JA: What would you advise companies who are considering moving to the cloud?

Jamie: What would we advise companies who are moving to the cloud – I’m pretty big on taking back up, so I think back up’s important of it – it’s still a bit of unknown quantity to a lot of people, just gives you a little bit of peace of mind. I’d also look at your security side of things – in terms of your data and where your data is stored. I think some recruitment agencies have got an issue with sensitive data being handled offshore so you’d need to look at that. But really, make it happen if you want to look at the crux of the answer – what would you advise companies who are considering moving to the cloud? Do it, just do it. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s straightforward, it works well, there’s minimal disruptions. We’re on the NBN (National Broadband Network) here so it works very well.

JA: Any specific results you’re willing to share?

Jamie: Any specific results we’re willing to share.. I don’t know how we can quantify it. I know there have been on occasions, when, in recruitment you have to be first in, best dressed. And I’ve used the JobAdder app to make a couple of placements in the past and that’s helped me make money. It’s always up, as it should be, as it needs to be. Specific results, I guess if you look at stability, security, reliability of data, it’s provided that to us since we’ve been on it. So, that in itself to me is a result it provides us with the right support when you need it.

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