Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing an ATS

Brett Iredale
11 Feb
Reading time: 2 minutes
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Shopping for a new ATS is a complicated process. Between demos, looping in decision-makers and comparing each vendor, it can be easy to get lost when searching for a new Applicant Tracking System.

When you think about it, shopping for a new ATS is like window shopping. First, you look at each vendor’s website, narrow down the ones that appear to be a good fit and then eventually “try on the product.” By asking the right questions before purchasing, you can prevent “buyers remorse.”

1) How does this Applicant Tracking System help us reach our goals?

What’s your end goal? Is it to save time? Track recruiters’ KPIs? Whatever your goal is, look at how each ATS fits into that. Customisation is key. Many applicant tracking systems offer a boxed program that offers little flexibility. Systems, like JobAdder, offer a solution that can be tailored to your needs.

2) How does this ATS fit into our budget?

Affordability is key for any staffing agency. Your ATS shouldn’t break the bank. Consider how an ATS will help grow your business and how their pricing model changes as you grow.

3) Will our team be able to learn the ATS quickly?

When it comes to implementing a new ATS, change can be a shock to many companies. When you introduce a new ATS to your firm, you’re improving the overall operation of your team– and adoption is key when implementing a new system. Look for systems that aren’t only straightforward, but offer excellent support free of charge.

4) Will the ATS grow with your company?

Like recruitment, the future of Applicant Tracking Solutions is ever-changing. New trends emerge every day in staffing and partnering with a business that embraces change in their software is important.

In the end, doing your research pays off when choosing an ATS. It’s easy to jump into a system without considering how the system will be a good fit for your company. By asking these smart questions you’ll be able to avoid buyer’s remorse and get started with a great system.

Looking for an ATS? Contact one of our sales team members to learn how JobAdder can help you.

Last updated: July 26th 2016

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