Quick Fixes to Common Recruitment Agency Problems

Brett Iredale
17 May
Reading time: 2 minutes
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For owners of recruitment and staffing agencies, ever-changing strategies bring a host of problems. One day you may find you’re worrying about mobile recruitment and the next you’re wondering how to reach out to potential candidates through social recruiting.

While you certainly can’t predict every problem that will arise in recruiting and staffing, there are quick fixes to everyday recruitment problems you encounter. Narrow down your worries. Start with these short list of problems.

Wild West Recruitment

If your agency employs a team of recruiters, it’s easy to lose track of what jobs their posting, their effectiveness, all while making sure your brand’s consistency is being upheld. By implementing key recruitment metrics, you can narrow down exactly which job boards are giving you the highest return in number, quality and placement of candidates.

Having the right tools at your disposal is important for this. Find solutions that help you quickly implement templated job postings, career websites and more to help you ensure you’re recruiters are on the right track off the bat.


“Time is money.” For staffing professionals, this motto is especially true. And while you may have a short list of how to reduce your workload, your team’s overall workload is something that many recruitment agency owners look to solve.

Organization is the key to getting the most of your staff’s time when recruiting. Set up folders of potential candidates that recruiters can search. For example, if your agency hires .Net developers regularly, start with a folder of applicants in your database that fit this criterion. Then, ensure each candidate is tagged with keywords to help ensure you’re quickly finding candidates that relate exactly to the position you’re recruiting for.

Look, identify and pinpoint what processes are the most time intensive for your staff. Then,  brainstorm solutions that will help your team get the most out of their time.


It’s time for recruiters to take a stance against being chained to their desk, filing through applications all while making biz dev calls. Find applicant tracking systems that offer, great mobile applications. Then, take your recruitment on the go. Rate, rank and submit candidates on the golf course, ski slope, wherever you are.

What are your biggest recruitment problems? Comment below and tell us.

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