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RCSA Getaway – Only One Week Away!

For those recruiters Down Under who’ve braved out a third and final month of bitter winter (today’s temperature in Sydney being a sunny 22 degrees) a respite is just around the corner in the form of the RCSA’s 2016 International Conference in Port Douglas.

Kicking off next Wednesday 24th August, the theme of the conference is ‘Next Generation Recruitment.’ As the leading industry body for recruitment and HR in the ANZ region, this year’s highly-anticipated event is unmissable.

Team JobAdder will be there in full force and frankly we couldn’t be happier with the RCSA’s tropical choice of venue!

If you’re attending, be sure to drop by Table 2 where we’ll be exhibiting during the event and catch us bright and early on Wednesday morning getting into the swing of things on the golf course.

In anticipation of the event, we recently launched the #NextGenRec Twitter campaign focused around the insight each keynote speaker is bringing to the event.

To name just a few, Steve Shepherd will analyse the factors driving change in the recruitment industry, Gaia Grant is going to shed light on future trends and creative options and Brett Minchington will explore the importance of employer brand leadership and the business model.


JobAdder ShepWork

JobAdder Brett Minchington

JobAdder Gaia RCSA


So, what does #NextGenRec mean to you? Does it mean finding more creative ways to reach top candidates and clients? Or incorporating social media and video tech into your recruitment strategy?

Tweet us @JobAdder and let us know!

See you next week recruiters!


Image Source: Pexels

Stuart Read

Stuart Read

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